Should I Contact The Police in Texas Following a Car Accident?

Making the 911 call and waiting for the officers to arrive are two of the most crucial things you should do following an automobile accident in Texas. When the police arrive, they will secure the area, get anyone who requires medical assistance and file a formal accident report.

You should call 911 if you are in an automobile accident in Houston or elsewhere in Texas. Your next call should be to a Houston car accident attorney.

In Texas, are car wrecks need to be notified to the police?

Although it is not compulsory, it is usually in your best interest to call the police. The Texas Department of Transportation advises that you should always dial 911 if:

  • There is a fatality or an injury.
  • There is no moving the automobiles.
  • You think a driver is under the influence.
  • The driver that caused the collision had no insurance.
  • A motorist departs the site.

Making a formal police report, which will be crucial to your claim, is one motivation to call the police. Police officers in Texas are required by law to record an official statement for any collision that results in fatalities, serious injuries, or more than $1,000 in property damage. You can later access the Texas accident report online by entering basic information regarding the incident, such as the date, ZIP, and your car’s VIN.

People might get hurt with delayed symptoms, and cars can have hidden harm. So, for your safety, you should always report any mishap to the authorities, no matter how small you think it is.

Other legal justifications exist for contacting the police. For instance, you must interchange contact and health care details with the other motorist or drivers involved. While you can accomplish this without the assistance of the police, they can be helpful if the other driver is combative or reluctant. Beyond these legitimate grounds, the police can aid in preserving your safety and well-being in the aftermath of the collision.

What to say after an automobile accident to the police?

When the police arrive, treat the investigating officer with respect and cooperation. Once more, it is their responsibility to protect the site and look into the accident. You must adhere to the details of what happened during any dialogue at the accident scene. Any discussion of fault should be avoided. Keep in mind that you have the right to politely refuse to respond to questions if you feel uneasy doing so without the assistance of an attorney, and you have the right to refuse to enable a search of your car.

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