Sofa set cleaning machine buying guide in Kenya

One of the desires of everyone is to have a luxurious sitting or dining room with comfortable seats. It is for this reason that sofa sets have become the norm of the day. However, you might be wondering how to maintain the cleanliness of your sofa sets bearing in mind their intact nature. Stay put as we discuss more onthe sofa set cleaning machines.

Cleaning furniture is important and healthy not only at home but also on business premises. The process removes allergens that may cause sneezing and other hypersensitive reactions along with enhancing the beauty of your sofa set and extending its life span.

After buying a sofa set, you feel a certain comfort that results from cleanliness, and you might want to feel the same throughout the entire lifespan of your set. This will only be possible, if you use a sofa set cleaning machine to clean your sofa set.


Sofa set cleaning machine price in Kenya range depending on the quality and heaviness of the cleaning task. It is, however, affordable for almost everybody. What is important is to check the nature of your sofa set and choose a cleaning machine that serves the purpose best.

Some of the tasks performed by the sofa set cleaning machine includes;

  • Dust removal
  • Stain and pre-spotting removal
  • Odour removal
  • Special treatment for leather seats
  • Dust down removal without soaking

Advantages of using the sofa set cleaning machine

Durability is extended

It is with no doubt that the more you take care of your furniture, the longer it will stay. Since furniture is expensive to buy and replace, proper cleaning is important. This exercise should be undertaken before dirt strongly builds up and becomes hard to remove.

Minimizes odour

Leaving your sofa set for a long time without cleaning can cause them to emit an unpleasant smell which might not be conducive. Sofa set cleaning machine absorbs odor completely from the fabric leaving your house smelling nice and fresh.

Enhances fresh air

Over time your sofa set can trap dust and cause health problems to people with allergies. This is because the dust and allergens get absorbed in the leather and get emitted again into the air. The sofa set cleaning machine reaches deeper into the fibers and removes allergens and contaminants minimizing allergic attacks.

Causes less damage

The sofa set cleaning machine cleans your furniture thoroughly without causing any damage to it.

Disadvantages of the sofa set cleaning machine

It is difficult to rinse all shampoo from the set making it vulnerable to more dust absorption.

The machine causes excessive wetting to your furniture extending the time taken to dry.


However much you may want to be perfect, there are always accidents and no furniture can remain clean forever, as long as it is being used. The dirt accumulated on the sofa set may come from a variety of sources and be hard to remove manually so shampooing is necessary. This factor is the main reason why you need a sofa set or carpet cleaning machine for your sofa set maintenance.

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