The country keeps evolving hence requiring a more operational and effective ways to run activities. It is evident that most appliances that make work become efficient require continuous supply of electricity of which sometimes disappoints due to unexpected blackouts. Putting into consideration all its advantages and disadvantages, the solar batteries store power which is much saves on cost since it reduces the amount of electricity draw from the grid which relatively reduces the electricity bill.

These kinds of batteries are known to store solar energy and to also discharge power whenever required.Other batteries like the rechargeable one is able to store excess electricity which helps save on cost.Each type of battery uses either the wet cells battery bank or the gel cell batteries.There are two types of solar battery,the flat plate battery and the tubular battery which only differ in height .The main chemicals used, theme being the main components of the battery are saltwater,lithium ions and lead acid.



For the electronic devices in ones homestead or even work place to work efficiently they require electricity which the solar power is able to produce even when the electricity goes off. One can relay on the solar energy batteries for efficient running of operations for home appliances.It is also helpssave on costs since it reduces the electricity bill. The solar battery prices in Kenya can be an expense and still a reduced expense when looking at its long time effects.


The photovoltaic technology has made it possible for the solar power system to produce to zero threat of pollution to the environment.This is contrary to the electricityon the grid that is generated through coal plants which increase the emission of carbon dioxide that pollutes the environment around.

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Solar batteries such as lead-acid batteries  can be discharged to a maximum of 50%.If one discharges these kind of batteries more than their maximum amount they reduce the life span of the batteries .This might call for the replacing of the batteries approximately once a year .


Solar batteries in Kenya might be affordable but to avoid frequent purchases, maintenance practices such as topping up thebatteries water level periodically should always be put into consideration .Keeping the terminal clean,the corrosiveness of the batteries should also be a consideration .This kind of maintenances calls for more attention to avoid more repairs or damages on your battery.


Installation of this kind of energy system requires a specialist due to its complexity in design.It requires a specialist or aperson who is familiar with the system to operate and install the batteries.It is crucial that one has to identify the right size of battery system and also the cables and other requirement of equal size.Heated environment are not suitable for the solar batteries so it’s advisable for their installation to be done in cool places.


In areas that are prone to black out this batteries came in handy. The solar batteries in Kenya vary both in designs, sizes and prices but its ranges are still affordable.

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