Solving WordPress Image Upload Problems: Tips and Tricks

Since roughly 65 percent of the population learns best through visuals, photos, and other visual aids should be prominently displayed on every website. You will inevitably encounter errors when regularly uploading images to one WordPress blog.

Fortunately, even the most nebulous image upload problem can be diagnosed. Adding stunning, attention-grabbing visual effects to one’s webpage should be easy if you follow a standard checklist of fixes.

In this blog, we will examine the reasons for Image related issues. Also, we will find the answers to how to fix these issues.

Table of Contents

  1. What are WordPress Image Errors
  2. How to fix WordPress Image Upload issues
    • Check the WordPress Theme
    • Rename, Resize and Re upload the Image
    • You can increase the limit of PHP memory
    • Deactivate the Plugins
    • Clear the Cache
    • Browser Uploader
    • By Switching the Browsers
    • Check the PHP Version
    • You can change the File Permissions
    • Image Preview not being shown in WordPress Media Library
  3. Tips to select the right image for the WordPress
  4. Conclusion

1.  What are WordPress Image Errors?

WordPress image errors occur when you cannot upload an image, when there are errors in the size of the Image, when you cannot upload an image, and the media gallery shows blank images when there are HTTP errors, etc.

2. How to fix WordPress Image Upload issues?

2.1 Check the WordPress Theme

One good option is that you can switch to the default theme. It is essential to back up the website and do it for a short period.

Currently, if the Image uploading does not have any issue, then the problem should be with the Theme. You can find out the problem with the theme developer. Also, check WordPress Elementor Themes.

2.2 Rename, Resize, and Re-Upload the Image

You can begin by looking at the file name if you’re only experiencing problems with one particular Image. The WordPress uploader may malfunction if you use any special characters or accented characters (such as $, *, & # or, á, or é).

The dimensions and the file size might be significant. You can edit the size of the file and then upload them.

However, if there are issues regularly with file size, then WordPress’s limit might be a Meager set. In this case, you can add a code in the file on your website.

upload_max_filesize = 128M

post_max_size           = 128M

max_execution_time =300

If your website does not have a php.ini file, you can create it. On the website, you can be created in the current PHP version. Add this code at last.

2.3 You can increase the limit of PHP memory

There might be an HTTP error during the image upload session. The errors would be low server resources or excessive traffic.

So, you can wait for some time. Then, try to re-upload the Image.

WordPress has a memory limit of 32MB by default. You can increase this number through your site using FTP. If you want to increase the limit to 256MB,

Add the code- define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’,’256M’);

If you cannot resolve the issue, then the problem is threading.

2.4 Deactivate the Plugins

Plugins are the software pieces that can be added to the WordPress site. It can add new functionality to your site.

When there is a problem in uploading images, you can disable the plugins and check if they are the cause.

How to deactivate a plugin?

Go to Plugins> Installed Plugins in the WordPress dashboard. You can select the plugins from the list and check the Deactivate option. Then, select Apply button.

2.5 Clear the Cache

Sometimes, clearing the caching plugin helps solve the Image upload errors. It is not often a problem. However, it is essential to clear the cache and try uploading the Image.

You can clear the Cache plugin in WordPress Toolbar by selecting Performance> Purge All Caches.

For more detailed information: Click Here

2.6 Browser Uploader

You can use the native Image uploader to help with this issue. You can go to the WordPress Dashboard> Media Section> Add New.

You can directly upload an image using this conventional method. Most of the problems will get off the way.

2.7 By Switching the Browsers

Some issues in image uploading might be due to the website issue. Google Chrome has issues sometimes, like HTTP problems.

You can switch the browser and see if you can upload the Image. In that case, the problem with the browser should be cleared out.

2.8 Check the PHP Version

You can check the PHP version of your website. If the version is lesser than 7, you might face the Image uploading problem. WordPress now recommends PHP 7.4 or higher versions.

To check the version, in the WordPress dashboard, select Tools> Site Health. You can choose the Info tab and click the Server section. In this space, you will be able to find the server details.

2.9 You can change the File Permissions

Incorrect file permissions are one of the central issues in Image uploading.

WordPress cannot upload files on the server when the permissions are wrong.

You might receive an error:

Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2022/14. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Also, the Image might have uploading issues because it does not appear in the media library. The file permissions can be changed, and the problem is solved.

2.10 Image preview not being shown in WordPress Media Library

The images are present with incorrect permissions. The location of the pictures of the files and folders needs to be corrected.

WordPress cannot fetch the images from the respective folders on your website.

You can find the solution by resetting the permissions of the WordPress files and folders to default. To do this, access Site Tools> WordPress> Install and Manage> Manage Installations> Actions Menu > Reset Permissions> Confirm.

3. Tips to select the right image for WordPress

  • You can break up the text into images,
  • You can use clear images,
  • It is always good to use legal images,
  • You can add Screen Shots,
  • You can use Explainer Images,
  • You can use SEO tactics,
  • You can include pictures of real people,
  • It is essential to optimize large images,
  • Images plays a major role, so use them regularly,
  • You can create your own images,
  • You can find the ideal size of the images, earlier.


Images are just as important as words when it comes to conveying the tone and content of a blog post. It’s important to use visuals, but it’s even more crucial to use the right visuals so that your story comes across clearly and effectively.

Most blog entries need to have relevant images. When creating a blog, you should consider images similarly to the sense you would consider an intro or headline.

Pictures help your words make sense and keep ones proposition next to each other.

So, as soon as you have issues with WordPress Image upload issues, fix them with the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog.

If you’re already using WordPress or are still deciding on a platform, we have the right choice. WPBlazer is a plugin that can help you save time and effort when it comes to WordPress management.

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Saelvizhi. V grew up in Coimbatore city with a lot of time on her hands and a vivid imagination. A passion for writing began to take hold at 12 when her first poem was published in a popular magazine.

She began with poems and progressed to essays, articles, blogs, and other forms of writing. Then, she became a full-time writer.

Saelvizhi enjoys spending time with her friends and family and loves to explore different cuisines. She has made it her goal to one day hike to the pinnacle of Everest and become a mountaineer.

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