Some must-try items while you are in Goa

Goa is a colourful city along the West Coast of India. It is one of the culturally diverse and adaptive cities worldwide. Earlier, Goa was under Portugal Constitution. For some time, the French colony was also a part of Goa, but later on, the French went to Pondicherry side. As a sea-facing city, Goan cuisine mainly includes seafood and sea algae. But, unlike most seafood Cuisines worldwide, Goan recipes are not bland and boiled only. It has a lot of spices, colours, and flavours. Here we are with a shortlist of the famous food of Goa so that you do not miss out on anything while travelling to this beautiful city. Please scroll below to get the list.

Goan cuisine

The first and most native dish of Goan cuisine is fish curry. Being a sea sided city, Goa has access to the juiciest sea fish and shells. Goan fish curry has several heavy spices and raw mango to neutralize the scent. All spices blend very well and create a very delicious aroma. Despite having many spices and oil in the dist, the Goan fish curry is very easy to digest and palatable due to the cooking style and technique. Usually, households and restaurants serve it with boiled or steamed rice and salad. Salad is a side dish in India containing cucumber, tomatoes, celery, and Mint leaves. It enhances the taste of your main course meal by many folds. Then comes the Goa special Vindaloo. Vin in the Vindaloo stands for vinegar and half for garlic. It is a Portuguese food that originally included pork meat. Gradually cultural overlap took over, and now the aloo of Vindaloo also stands for potato. If you want to skip pork meat for religious values, chicken and meat options are also available. Raw onion, Garlic chives, garlic cloves, and pork meat are all you need to make ravishing Vindaloo.

Chicken Cafreal

It is a subcontinental version of spicy green chicken. When it comes to Indian cuisine, spicy means throat burning flavours, at least. About sixteen types of herbs and green leaves go into the marinating mixture. Overnight marination makes the chicken very tender and greenish. Then slow cooking, usually on a coal burner, adds the bar bq taste in the food. Chicken Xacuti is another very famous food with Portuguese influence. It includes chicken with Kashmiri Red Chilli, and This Kashmiri red chilli provides an immense hot flavour and bright red colour.

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Vegetarian options

Goa is for everyone, and so is Goan food. You can also find versatile Goan foods for vegetarians, and indeed these are not boring. The first vegetarian food you would want to try in Goa is Sorak. Sorak is a curry rather than soup that has lentils and many other beans. Some may add veggies as per the demand, but most want to enjoy it plain with rice or a tortilla. Curd goes very well as a side dish with Sorak. But, if you are completely vegan, you may want to skip the yoghurt part as it is a dairy product. Let us close the menu with a tasty dessert. Patolea is the most famous dessert of Goan cuisine, and it has cardamom for sweetness and fragrance. Goan red rice, Tamarind leaves, and coconut filling give it a fantastic texture. Both vegan and non-vegetarian people can consume it. Patola is the best snack for the evening with a cup of tea. If you want to find the most versatile food Goa is the ultimate destination. Enjoy your visit with food, culture, diversity, and people in Goa and do not forget to appreciate it.

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