Spice Up Your Packaging with These 8 Box Design Ideas That Stand Out

Customers are always excited after ordering any product online. Even though they know what’s inside the big box, they eagerly await the memorable unboxing experience. Seeing this, many small and big businesses emphasise creating a unique design on the packaging boxes for their customers. They carefully design it using proper materials like brand-aligned coloured packing tape to build brand awareness.

Packaging design is essential as it makes you stand out from the competition. There are thousands of businesses competing to grab customers’ attention.

What does a consumer first thing do after the arrival of their parcel? They unbox the package and are full of excitement when doing so. The customer is interacting with your product for the very first time, so you must make your packaging unique to win their hearts.

Still, many businesses are unaware of the design they should implement. We will help you stand out with these packaging ideas.

You must tell a story through packaging

In order to create a more personal connection with your audience, you must use the story as a powerful weapon. Tell your customers about your brand, background, and the more critical things.

Many businesses have opted for this option and are earning significant money. People feel touched by the stories and always look forward to purchasing your product.

How about adding a packaging sleeve?

This is another way to enhance your packaging box. Many businesses are already using this cost-effective alternative instead of boxes. You can shift to this excellent method to change your box’s packaging. You must have seen them on items like soap bars and pairs of socks. Many businesses even include it in their package design box. You can also go for creative packaging designs.

Make the packaging gift-worthy

Gift packaging is a crucial marketing strategy to attract more and more consumers. When looking for a packaging idea for your business, you can go with the well-crafted premium packaging design for corrugated boxes and excellent functionality, showing your sincerity and commitment to your customers. Customers will be going to see your business that puts quality over anything. You can go with this idea with the right finishing touches.

Enhance product awareness with colours

One of the compelling ways is using the colours in your packaging. Studies have shown that colour enhances product awareness which is why many businesses choose this packaging method.

Some colours are very recognisable, and people can tell the company’s name by looking at them without even looking at the logo. When finalising your product’s packaging, you must embrace it using attractive colours. Bright colour combinations will help get your client’s attention.

You should make it multi-purpose

Which business does not want to make a lasting impression on the customers? Everyone wants to. In order to do so, you can use this idea. Make your packaging box for multiple uses.

The box is a statement of art, and if you make it remember your customers, you can make your customers happy and even make them purchase your product over and over again. The boxes can stylishly store old letters or other small keepsakes.

Give them a sneak review.

You can create window cutouts to give customers a peek inside, making them feel and touch your product. You must have seen this with multiple food products, which can provide a quick look at what you are buying.

Not only food companies, numerous soaps and scents companies have cutouts to make customers see their products. If you apply the same in your business and make an eye-catching showcase, people can make a wise purchase.

Use the captivating shape

If you want to leave a lasting impression on the customers, you must use beautiful shapes for the packaging. Why should all the boxes be in cuboid shape? There is no absolute rule that you cannot go with different forms in your creative packaging design.

You can choose hexagonal, triangular, or any other unique shape that impresses the customers.

You can also go with custom labels or stickers

You do not always need to print your logo or any other graphics related in the box. You can either go with the well-made sticker or labels, which will look excellent, and quickly change the boxes’ or kraft paper bags‘ complete appearance. You don’t have to be consistent with it; you can change the stickers and logo with time.

Custom stamp

Custom stamps can do wonders when you are on a tight budget. We understand that custom boxes with captivating designs are all you want to make a striking impression in front of employees. But sometimes you already have budget issues, so choose another cost-effective option. You can use custom stamps to give a chic appearance.


Designing your custom packaging is a vital technique to grab customers’ attention. You can implement the packaging techniques mentioned above, which will help bring new clients while making the existing ones happy. We have mentioned all the popular packaging box designs, so remember to implement them.

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