Struggling With Low KillStreaks in COD? Follow These Tricks

Struggling with low kill streaks in a free-to-play battle royal video game can be depressing. Getting kills may feel like a real victory, but it is not a piece of cake, especially with thousands of elite players worldwide.

Here are some modern warfare hacks and tips that can help improve your accuracy and get you high killstreaks in COD.

Using Claymores

Claymores can be very effective and can get you more kills. The blast radius of claymore is extensive. They are easy to plant, and you can even plant them behind doors. Planting claymore in every life can get you a few guaranteed kills in every round.

The range of claymores works in a cone-shaped radius, and the lasers are pretty accurate for the horizontal range of the x-axis. The claymores don’t explode immediately but after a quarter second after detecting the movement.

This can give you a chance to save yourself if you are facing the claymore. Shooting claymores will not bring you any damage, so if you find one, shoot it!

Pay attention to footsteps

Hearing and noticing footsteps is a crucial skill in COD. Turn the volume up in your headphones, and you can listen to the footsteps of your enemies. This will help you stay alert, and you can take action strategically while bagging a few kills. Though the noise of footsteps can be inconsistent, and sometimes footsteps are noticed only when the enemy is about 8-10 meters away.

The sound is dampened if the window is closed, and breaking the window will help you hear the noises clearly from about 15-18 meters away. There is a vast difference in the noise of footsteps when the door or window is closed.

Various other tricks in regards to in-game sound adjustments can be found on the internet easily.

Must Use Dropshot

If you are an active call of duty player, you know the importance of building Dropshot skills. A Dropshot gives you an unfair advantage in an engagement with the enemies. In simple words, a Dropshot is when you crouch down while firing bullets at your enemy.

You need to tune your settings to aim at your enemies while you crouch down. Using a Dropshot in default settings is of no value. Dropshotting can save you in wide-open areas and even in face-to-face contests with your enemy.

Use Smoke Grenades

According to the legendary COD players, the smoke grenade is an underrated weapon, which players seldom use. The cool-down time for the smoke grenade is 60 seconds, and the smoke duration is about 20 seconds. Enemies that hide in the smoke are visible to you,  enabling you to score some easy kills.

A smoke grenade is also very helpful for escaping in a dire situation. The speed of the enemy will decrease, and it also protects you from a mechanic drone. Getting alive from a dangerous situation can help you get more kills further in the game.

Taking Care of UAV’s and Personal Radars

The advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) reveals the location of enemies for you and all your allies. The UAV can be destroyed by a single rifle shot in COD. You need to spot enemy UAVs and destroy them to prevent them from detecting your location.

Destroying UAVs will eliminate the threat from the sky while a personal radar hovers over you and maps the enemies in real-time. Although, any player using ‘ghost’ will not be detected or revealed using a UAV or a personal radar.

Finding The Best Sensitivity For You  

The first thing you need to do to improve your accuracy is to find the most comfortable sensitivity. The sensitivity is a critical factor that has an impact on your accuracy. If your sensitivity is too low, you won’t be able to turn and react quickly, and if the sensitivity is too high, you will not be able to aim at your enemies.

You need to find the right balance to improve the accuracy. The sensitivity setting is very personal and is dependent on variables like the device, size of your hand and fingers, and button layout on the screen. The only way you can find a suitable sensitivity setting is by experimenting with different sensitivity settings.

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