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Tunics are simple slip-on garments that are usually knee-length and belted at the waist. You can wear them as an undershirt or on their own as well. Both men and women used to wear tunics in ancient Rome and Greece.

However, many types and varieties are available, so if you’re looking for palm beach tunics, you might not know where to look.

Lets walk you through all the types of tunics, how you can choose one that best fits your body type, and of course, the best palm beach tunics available at Mildred Hoit!

Types of Tunics In History

Tunics have been worn all throughout history, and some of the types include:

  • Doublets originated in the 14th century and were mostly worn as well-fitted outer garments by military personnel.
  • Surcoats are long robes made of wool and linen lining, with sleeves that can simply be tossed to the back. Surcoats were worn from the 13th to 14th century.
  • Jupons also originated in the 14th century. It is basically a tight-fitted tunic or jacket-like garment with padding. It typically has laces or buttons all down the front of the tunic.
  • Tabards are also an outer tunic similar to a poncho. However, unlike a poncho, the sides of a tabard are closed by clasps or stitches. These were usually worn by heralds.

Tunics are still in fashion, though, and for a good reason!

But how do you choose the right tunic?

How to Choose the Right Tunic for Your Body Type?

Just like the other items in your wardrobe, you need to consider your body type when getting a tunic. Fortunately, tunics are very loose-fitting, so they can easily help you cover any curves you don’t want to show. But at the same time, the right cut tunic can really flatter your figure.

So, if you’re looking for palm beach tunics for the Spring season but not sure which one would look best on you, then worry not because we’ve got you covered.

  • Hourglass bodies look best in tops that don’t have too much detailing, ruffling, or ruching near the neckline because that would give the impression of a disproportionately large upper body. And to highlight the waistline, we would suggest that you go for a tunic that’s belted in the middle.
  • If you have a triangle or pear-shaped body, you will look great in tops with detailing that draws attention to your upper body. It also helps create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Just make sure to avoid tunics that are fitted around the rear or hip because these would unnecessarily highlight the wider areas of your body.
  • We recommend wearing a tunic with scoop or v necks for oval, rounded, or apple bodies to imitate a taller figure. This means choosing tunics with empire or natural waists that add dimension.
  • If your body is more of an inverted triangle, we suggest you go for a tunic with an empire waist, although you can easily get away with wearing a fitted tunic. Also, empire-waisted tunics that cinch just under the chest will look pretty flattering on your body shape, so that should be your go-to tunic style.

Additionally, apart from all of this, you should always look for tunics with flattering hemlines. And really, this is a general rule for all women shopping for clothes. Always avoid tunics that hit the widest areas of your body because they would actually highlight those parts even more. Hence, you should go for tunics or dresses that have more asymmetrical or rounded hemlines, even if they fall to your hips.

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