Summer Self-Storage Tips for College Students

Summer is right around the corner! For college students, that’s the time to head home, vacation, work, intern, and relax. It’s time to leave school behind and finally take a well-deserved break. While some students might decide to stay on campus, others are ready to head home and return once the next semester begins. But not so fast! Before you can start enjoying your summer break, you’ll have to figure out what to do with your belongings before you head home. Since most dorms won’t allow you to keep your things on campus while you’re not there, having space nearby would be ideal.

Once summer hits, no one wants to think about going through the packing process as they did before move-in day. Not only is the process long, but it’s also time-consuming. Don’t put yourself through another big move just a few months after you’ve settled in. The best thing you can do is start thinking about solutions before the summer hits to you’re prepared.

Depending on where you live, packing up all your and bringing them home may not make sense. That’s why we think storage units are a great solution that many college students can benefit from who attend school in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or New Jersey. Continue reading to find out why you won’t regret renting a storage unit near Manhattan campus and get your summer off to a great start.

It’s extremely helpful for out of state college Students

Attending college in the New York Metropolitan area is a dream for most young adults. With so much excitement and opportunity, it makes perfect sense why students travel from all over to attend colleges and universities in New Jersey, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. As an out-of-state student, you may not have the luxury of having any family or friends in the area to rely on. Without having a support system nearby, it might be challenging to decide what to do with all your belongings.

Take the time to find a storage unit near your campus, and you can use this space for whatever you need. The benefit to a storage unit is that you can conveniently access it whenever you need it and won’t have to rely on anyone as it’s your own space.

You’ll save time and energy

Moving is no joke and requires time, energy and resources. The last thing you want to do is spend all that time moving out when you practically just moved in! One way to prevent going through another big move is by finding a storage unit to rent nearby. Finding a temporary storage solution near your college or university will help a lot in the long run.

Besides clothing and decoration, your dorm might also have some extra furniture in it. Once summer break hits, you’ll be ready to hit the road and head home, but what will you do with your furniture? Don’t go through the packing and moving process again when you can move your furniture into a storage unit close to your campus. If your college is in New York, then it wouldn’t be a surprise if you decided to rent in New Jersey due to the better pricing and availability.

A great solution for studying abroad 

Being able to study abroad is a dream many students wish for. It’s a great opportunity to see the world while also getting an education. We would encourage anyone who has the chance to take advantage of such a great opportunity and don’t let anything get in your way. So, if you’re concerned about what to do with your belongings, then you probably need a storage unit. There’s no need to fill your dorm with all your belongings if you won’t be there. If you’re moving out for the semester and you know you’re going abroad, renting a storage unit is a great short-term solution for your plans. You’ll enjoy your trip, even more, knowing your items are in safe keeping.

Find the perfect size storage unit for you

Storage units come in different sizes, so if you’re concerned about getting stuck with a unit that’s too large, find a storage facility that provides options. Some storage units can accommodate large two-bedroom apartments, or you can even rent a storage locker if you feel you don’t need a lot of space. It all depends on your needs and your budget, and at StorageBlue, we’re proud to offer various size units, all at an affordable price.

Having an affordable storage unit can help you feel more settled, and if you feel more settled, you’re more likely to enjoy your college experience. If you attend Pace University, Parsons School of Design, Rutgers University, Saint Peter’s University, New York University, or another school in Manhattan or Jersey City, then it would make perfect sense to consider renting a cheap storage unit in the area. You’ll save money and get a great amount of space renting a storage unit in Jersey City instead.

Not only does StorageBlue have storage facilities throughout New Jersey, but we have affordable prices for storage units and even offer discounts for students. We’re a budget friendly storage facility, and the community trusts us as their home away from home. Whether you’re a college student planning to make your home or just looking for short-term storage, you can count on StorageBlue for the best cheap storage units.

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