Surgery to correct puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes

Artificial dermis surgery involves using a prosthesis that is specially created to mimic skin tissue. Over time The artificial dermis will not be absorbed or seen through the skin. Therefore, it is used for permanent augmentation of bags under the eyes. Size and thickness can be controlled Can be easily adjusted to suit the size of the eyes.

Surgical method for artificial dermis augmentation

  1. Drill a small hole in the corner of the eye and the corner of the eye under the eye. taking into account the shape and size of the eye and create a space for inserting the artificial leather layer
  2. Cut the prosthetic tissue to size. And the desired shape is inserted into the box that has been made.
  3. Sew the holes that have been drilled 1-2 needles to close tightly around the eyes.

Even though the eyes have become more beautiful from the surgery Taking care of yourself will make your eyes even more beautiful. Don’t stop trying to be beautiful, just surgery. The main problem around the eyes is puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes. and wrinkles around the eyes

puffy eyes

The most common primary problem is swelling. because of poor blood circulation therefore causing edema often This causes the skin to lose its elasticity, causing dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. This is caused by not drinking enough water each day and eating salty food 2 hours before bedtime. Drinking too much water before bed or the body is malnourished resulting in variable metabolic processes Blood was congested around the eye area. causing the eyes to swell in the end Must be massaged to allow the blood that accumulates in the face to spread to the body. Massage in a circular motion around the temples.

When the body is deficient in protein and iron, it causes edema to maintain blood levels. People who are prone to edema should reduce their dinner intake. and eat food that keeps the body warm. Try to cut down on salty foods. and eat foods rich in potassium and saponins, which have a diuretic effect. to drive excess sodium out of the body

Nutrients that reduce edema

Potassium (avocado), protein (white fish), iron (shellfish, asparagus, green and yellow vegetables), saponins (ginseng, red beans, legumes).

dark circles under the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. as thin as a sheet of tissue paper Makes it easy to see blood vessels or dark circles under the eyes. This looks unattractive and is a warning sign of health problems. If the blood circulation is not good The skin around the eyes will be dull in addition to around the eyes. Must stimulate the circulatory system in the face and body to see results such as sauna or massage to relax muscles all over the body, etc. If sleep is not enough, stress and tiredness accumulate. It will only cause poor blood circulation, so sleep 8 hours a day and try to avoid stress. When getting older The skin sags, the eye sockets become deeper, causing shadows under the eyes. Therefore, the facial muscles must be exercised to be flexible. To pull the skin nutrients that help reduce wrinkles under the eyes to be tight. This method does not require surgery, just massage to reduce dark circles under the eyes, easy to do and can be done often. by massaging from the temples to the under eyes Then circle around the eyes. Gently massage the bruises 23 times. Also, compress the eyes once a week with a hot towel alternately 3-4 times a week. Prepare 2 towels moistened with water, wring them to dampen, warming one piece in the microwave and dampening the other. cold water Alternating hot and cold compresses will help improve blood flow. and reduce dark circles under the eyes that are difficult to correct

The key to preventing dark circles under the eyes is to keep the blood clean. Folic acid helps the hemoglobin in the blood flow well. And solve dark circles under the eyes. In addition, vitamin C also helps to inhibit the occurrence of pigmentation.

Nutrients that help heal dark circles under the eyes

Iron (shellfish, liver), folic acid (asparagus, kiwi, seaweed, cabbage), vitamin C (bell peppers, oranges).

wrinkles around the eyes

Wrinkles around the eyes will start to occur when 20 years of shyness is a ton, so you need to start taking care of your skin very early. to prevent wrinkles Use products for the skin around the eyes. and apply sunscreen around the eyes when getting older. The skin around the eyes will gradually lose moisture. At the age of 40, the skin will become even more dry. In addition to products for the skin around the eyes You should do a mask around the eyes a week. If you still notice wrinkles without smiling or laughing, show that it is a deep wrinkle. This can be corrected by injecting a filler (hydro lifting filler) or laser lifting. No major surgery is required. And just eat foods rich in vitamin C, soybeans to increase the declining female hormones. and helps the skin become more flexible

The free radicals that cause wrinkles can be prevented by eating foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. which is a great antioxidant. Collagen is a type of protein that is present in the body up to 33% and is the main structure in the dermis along with elastin. Helps the skin to be firm and flexible. We can eat protein to supplement collagen that decreases with age.

Nutrients that help reduce wrinkles

(orange, bell pepper) protein (anchovies, beef), collagen and elastin (tofu, cartilage, chicken wings, pork skin), ceramides (konjac head)

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