TCvsChanze, Another Shining Star with Her Lime-Fresh Tune and Lyrics, Dark Side

Music is an important thing in most peoples’ lives. People listen to music when they work, and they are alone, etc. Studies found out that listening to music has a lot of advantages. It lightens up your mood, reduces stress. Hence you will feel happy. Even listening to music helps you to sleep easily. Every person has a different taste and preferences. So each individual falls for different types of music. There are around 1300 kinds of music. However, the most popular ones are Rock, Jazz, Classical music, Pop music, Hip hop music, and many more. And behind a popular song, there is a huge contribution of singers. And to make a song, a singer has to take care of a lot of things. So let’s talk about TCvsChanze who deserves millions of claps.

Journey of TCvsChanze.

To be more precise, TCvsChanze is a rapper. However, she was born in New York. However, she grew up in North Carolina. At first, she used to compete as a slam poet. Her first competition was in 2008. But then she decided to incorporate her poems into music, so she started working on it. TCvsChanze’s inspiration is Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco.

And following her idol, she made her first song named “ First class Chick. ” While making it, she had to work with many other artists. With her talent and dedication, she became a part of a collab mix-tape known as Introduction.In 2014 her life changed as she moved her focus from the world of rap music to work and confound the acapella group named Vocal Harmony.

TCvsChanze’s New Song “ Dark Side Freestyle”

With a lot of effort, TCvsChanze has many songs till now. The tops songs Do You Mind, Breakup Call, and many more. Recently she came up with a new song known as Dark Side Freestyle. Its official release date is May 14, 2021.Like every other song of hers, this one will also be unique and fun. If you listen to her every song, you will notice that we can learn something new about rapping in every song. And if you want to be a rapper, then you should follow her. In simpler words, you can make her your idol. Being a new commoner in the music industry, she is quite ahead.

Her one music video has over 31,000 views. Even though she is underrated, she doesn’t fail to amuse us with her songs which are good enough to cheer up our moods. Her songs are good enough to make us dance. And this one won’t be any different, because she gives her best to improve the quality of her every new song. Her lyrics are quite praise-worthy. As well as her speed and base are quite amazing.

Making a song isn’t easy, and becoming a good singer is a lot harder. It requires patience, dedication, and support. So with our support, a singer can fulfill his or her dream. So if you like TCvsChanze’s song, please show her that you appreciate her efforts.

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