The 5 Best Safety Boots in Kenya to consider for industrial workers

What type of shoe is appropriate for my workplace or my staff? Learn what you need to look out for when ordering workplace safety gear for your staff. For worker safety, the right gear will save you a lot in contingencies. Take workplace safety mandatory for the peace of mind you deserve.

What are some features one should consider when purchasing safety boots?


We should insulate a good safety boot to keep the feet warm and dry. The most common materials used for this kind of insulation are Thinsulate and form. For a boot, the insulation should range from 200 to 1200 grams.

Non-slip (slip resistant)

For workers in the health, hospitality, and food processing industries, a safety boot outsole needs to be fitted with materials that reduce the risk of a slip either due to wet or greasy floors.

Puncture Resistant

Workplace safety boots should be puncture-resistant and ASTM certified. The boot should have a flexible steel midsole underneath the foot to reduce the risk of puncture by sharp objects such as nails from penetrating the sole.


They achieve this by waterproofing the fabric of the boot or having a membrane inside the shoe that keeps your feet warm and dry. This enables one to work in wet conditions.

Prevent electric hazards

A good safety boot should be able to protect the wearer from 600 volts or fewer from exposed electric circuits when working in dry conditions. This is suitable for individuals working in the welding industry.


Safety boots should be able to prevent static-electricity build-up. However, do not wear these shoes where there are open electricity circuits above 600 volts and highly charged equipment because there is no protection there.

What types of safety footwear/boots are available in Kenya?

Safetoe safety boots

Considered one of the most high-quality safety boots in Kenya, they design the Safetoe safety boots with a steel toe and plate with a dual-density sole to prevent sharp objects from penetrating the boot. The boot also offers comfort and protection against the hazards of heat, electricity, and water.

Worksafe safety boots

The worksafe safety boot has neat features that make it a workplace must-have. To protect against puncture, it has a double density PU sole and fitted with a flexible steel plate to protect the toes. For people working in hot conditions, the vaultex is made with breathable leather to ensure your feet stay cool always.

The breathable leather is pure leather that prevents abrasion. For that extra comfort, it has additional padding on the ankles.

Safety Jogger

For workers who spend most of their time on their feet, this is the boot for you. They make it with faux leather, which is strong and breathable. It is most appropriate for people working in high-temperature environments. This is most appropriate for those working in the hospitality industry.

Rocklander Safety boots

The Rocklander safety boot is also appropriate for people who spend most of their time on their feet. It has a flexible steel toe and a rubber outsole designed to make it slip-proof and puncture-proof. For extra comfort, it is lightweight and had extra padding for ankle support.

Workmate Safety Boots

This is the perfect boot for people working with hazardous materials, especially in hospitals and chemical plants. The Workmate boots have the upper and outsole material being water, oil, acid, and alkaline resistant. This does not mean it cheap out on comfort, no, to ensure a more comfortable experience, it has a protective film in the interior to ensure protection from a foot injury.

What industries use safety boots in Kenya?

In Kenya, we require some industries to have safety gear at the workplace. Safety gear, especially boots, is required for front-line employees who will interact with hazardous materials in the course of their duties.

Some industries that will require the use of safety shoes are but are not limited to; the hospitality industry (especially in the kitchen), manufacturing industry, healthcare industry, construction industry, and the agricultural industry.


It is advisable to provide your workers, and yourself included with the right attire for the job at hand. Ensure safety comes first when working. Most workers spend time on their feet, and we must protect their feet from injury. Safety work boots help prevent the risk of severe injury to the workers.

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