The 6 Most Important Facts About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not what anyone should experience. It is a very degrading and wicked way to treat your fellow human. Most victims of domestic abuse sustain physical injuries and emotional trauma. 

The bodily harm caused by domestic violence can be similar to that of slip and fall accidents and even worse. Unfortunately, many victims are scared to open up or escape.

Domestic abuse can only happen when there is a close and intimate relationship involved. Note that other forms of assault, like one in an office environment, cannot be considered domestic violence. 

Abusers keep their victims by threatening, manipulating, gaslighting, or blaming them for their actions. After receiving threats, most victims are scared to leave because they believe that the abuser will fulfill his threats. 

In the case of other victims, they are reluctant to leave because they are afraid of being judged. Most victims are too ashamed of people knowing what goes on inside, and they put up an act of being okay. This way, they can neither get assistance nor reach out to a domestic abuse lawyer.

Nevertheless, victims should avoid any action that will enable, defend, or hide their abuser. However, when it comes to the issue of domestic abuse, there is more than meets the eye. There are facts about domestic violence that many people do not know.

1. Some Victims Don’t Know They Should Get Help

When it comes to domestic abuse, many victims don’t know how important it is to get help, especially when it’s a spouse. Because of the level of intimacy, the victim keeps hoping for a change, and they think reporting will hurt the perpetrators.

Reporting a spouse, parent, or family member may seem like a betrayal. But the truth is that the abuse will continue if there is no help. Victims can reach out to NGOs, call domestic abuse hotlines, and consult a domestic abuse lawyer

By contacting the right authorities and domestic abuse attorneys, victims can get the guidance they need. They will be advised on the best ways to keep themselves safe or escape. Also, victims who have emotional and physical injuries can sue for personal injury under intentional tort.

2. Domestic Abuse Can Result in Chronic Illness

Sometimes, people think that domestic abuse only leads to short-term bruises. There is more to that. Domestic abuse has led to severe long-lasting injuries. While some harm can be managed, others become permanent and life-threatening. 

People have lost their body organs and had maimed parts as a result of abuse. Some bodily harm caused cannot heal or be treated. Victims have to live with the scars for the rest of their lives. So next time, before you think victims sustain minor injuries, you should think twice.

3. Domestic Abuse is Not Only Physical

One of the important facts about abuse is that it is beyond physical. In fact, many people won’t believe an abuse victim if there is no physical injury. 

However, there is mental and emotional abuse. It may leave no bruise or scar on the surface, but the person’s mind will be battered with pain and torture. Emotional abuse can shut down the productivity of the abuser.

There is not enough orientation about other forms and abuse, but they need to be discussed more often. Victims of mental, sexual, spiritual, and financial abuse are as wounded and scarred as those who are physically abused.

4. Men Are Victims Too

Most domestic abuse victims are unarguably women. But this does not negate the fact that a whole lot of men suffer from abuse too! It may sound untrue, but a lot of men go through emotional and even physical abuse from females and males alike. 

They consider speaking up as embarrassing themselves. Irrespective of gender, when you are a victim of domestic abuse, get in touch with a domestic abuse lawyer and get the help that you need. Being a man will not stop the torture and inconvenience, and nor will it prevent death.

There are men in manipulative relationships, and they can’t speak up. Domestic violence for men is more difficult to spot. The reason is that society expects men to be stronger. Also, most men won’t speak up because of their masculine egos. 

5. Abusers Know Aware of Their Actions

Some of us have been made to think that abusers just lose control for a moment and lash out. They act like they have no control over their actions. This may be true for a few instances, but the truth is that most abusers know what they are doing. 

They plan and think out their actions before perpetuating them. They enjoy what they do, and it’s more of a need to be dominant. Some of them think that what they do is right and necessary to help the victim. But in reality, they are the ones that need to work on themselves.

If you have suffered any harm or injury, don’t hesitate to reach out to a domestic abuse attorney. Getting injuries is not a funny experience. Even if you can’t sue, you will get professional assistance.

While an emotional abuser will make you feel less of yourself, a financial abuser will ensure that you remain broke and financially dependent. 

6. Leaving Your Abuser is Not as Easy as it Seems

The first advice that you will want to give an abuse victim is to run. But surprisingly, you find that many of them stay with the abuser for donkey years. They know that the situation is a dangerous one, but for some reason, they’ll decide to stay.

By staying back, most of them enable the violence. However, the truth is that leaving an abusive relationship is more psychological than physical. Some of them have been mentally broken over time, and they find it difficult to leave.

Others have become so attached and dependent on the perpetrators that they condone the toxicity. This is primarily found in domestic violence cases between lovers. 

The victims think that they have invested so much emotionally and they won’t find another person to love. If you see such a victim, don’t be judgemental. Instead, link them to a professional domestic abuse attorney, and give them the resources and encouragement needed to break free.


Domestic violence is in every society, although most victims try so hard to hide it. Nevertheless, the act should be shunned and frowned at. If you happen to know any victims, be supportive and avoid judging them.

There are facts about domestic abuse that need more light. Facts like; men go through abuse, and leaving an abusive relationship is not always easy. More orientation should be carried out on these parts so that people are aware and take the right measures.

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