The basics of a solar charge controller

A solar charge controller is a part of solar panels used to keep the battery from overcharging by regulating voltage and the current directed from the panel to the battery. These are very beneficial since they prevent the batteries from being damaged because of overcharging or over-discharging. The employment of a charge controller is very vital in solar panels because most batteries can hardly recover from overcharging or over-discharging. Solar charge controllers also come in various types, such as shunt controls, single-stage control, multistage controls, etc. Keep scrolling through to know the details regarding different types.

Shunt Controllers

The shunt controllers monitor the thoroughgoing point of battery arraigning. Once the successions are fully charged, these controllers alienate the batteries from PV panels, and surplus power is transformed into heat. Due to this, overcharging of batteries can be prevented. An adequate amount of ventilation is also required for heat dissipation.

Single Stage Controllers

Single stage controllers automatically switch off the charging circle once the battery is fully charged. Here the minutest state of the battery is determined as the charge preparatory point. So, whenever the battery reaches a certain minimum level, it starts charging again. Thus, leading to no overcharging or no over-discharging.

Multistage Controllers

Like shunt controllers were batteries when approaching full supremacy state, the excess power of PV arrays can be degenerate. However, here the current flow of battery charging can be permitted when the battery is at a low power state; this can lengthen the battery lifetime and requires satisfactory ventilation because of the heat produced during power dissipation.

The functioning of a solar charge controller is quite simple. These controllers block reverse currents to prevent overcharging of the battery. Modern solar charge controllers work differently. They detect and monitor the battery’s voltage level by regulating the current flow from the panels to the battery.

Benefits of Solar Charge controller

Listed below are some of the advantages associated with using a solar charge controller:

Blocking Reverse Current

The solar panels pump out the current through the batteries in one direction. During the night, the panels may pass the current in the reverse direction, which can lead to slight discharge from the batteries. Although the potential loss, in this case, is minor, the solar charge controllers help to prevent these losses.

Preventing Overcharge

When a battery is fully charged, it cannot store any other incoming energy; if the energy continues to be applied at the same rate, the voltage will get too high, which can lead to a small explosion, as the battery will overheat. The solar charge controllers help to prevent overcharge by reducing the flow of energy when the battery reaches a specific voltage.

A solar charge controller charges the battery by regulating and controlling the output. Overcharging of the batteries can release hydrogen and oxygen gas which leads to explosions and failure. And in case of excessive discharge, the battery charge will be drained. Thus, this might lead to reduced battery health or premature battery failure. When the battery is about to be fully charged, solar charge regulators redirect or switch off all parts of the array to diminish the current flow to the cordless. This is very important to understand while you invest in solar panels; a correct and apt knowledge of controllers is very necessary to determine the healthy life span of the batteries.

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