The Best Classic Dunkin’ Donuts of All Time

One thing that you can’t deny about Dunkin’ is that they offer fantastic donuts for a very reasonable price. You can get a half a dozen donuts priced at $6.20, so you get tremendous value for your money.

The thing is, sometimes you just want a classic donut that you know you’ll love. Sure, every now and then, Dunkin’ Donuts offers some special treat for a limited time, like donuts filled with cheesecake cream. Or maybe they come out with a special donut that’s meant to match a particular season. Nothing wrong with those options.

But sometimes, you just get that craving for the donuts that are always included in the menu. They’re like your friends that stand by you, whether you’re going through good times or bad. In one sense, they’re all great.

However, some classics are better than others. Here, we rank these classic donuts from best to “worst”, even though there’s really no such thing as a bad Dunkin Donut classic:

1. Glazed Donut

This is the most classic of them all. Just about every donut shop offers their own version of the classic glazed donut, and the Dunkin’ version is generally the best of the lot. There’s not much grease to worry about, the texture is nice and fluffy, and the glaze is evenly distributed.

This is the ideal glazed donut to which all other donuts (even the other Dunkin’ Donuts) are compared. It’s basically like Michael Jordan in basketball, or the BMW 3-series among sport sedans.

2. Chocolate-Glazed Cake Donut

Lots of people say that this is even better than the classic glazed donut. How can it not be, when it’s chocolate? The chocolate cake texture makes it feel like every day is your birthday and you’re getting your birthday wishes come true. Add the unsweetened coffee, and the sweetness of this donut makes it a perfect combo.

3. Powdered Sugar Donut

Yes, this can be a mess to eat. That’s why people often just take it home so they can eat it without worries. But it’s just so good that plenty of people don’t care about making a mess. The sweetness is just terrific, and the sugar on the donut goes well with the un-sugared coffee.

4. Cruller

It’s a donut that’s also a funnel cake. This cruller is supposed to be a menu mainstay, but it’s so popular that if you come in late to the Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s all gone. The texture is fine and the sweet taste is great, and the sugar content sure fits in nicely with the coffee as well.

5. Sour Cream Donut

How can this be so high up on this list? Surprisingly, if we asked people to make their list of favorite classic donuts, this almost always makes an appearance. The texture is unique, the frosting is just about perfect, and it’s like a cake in donut form. Many of its fans like it but keep it a secret, not realizing they’re not alone in this fanhood.

6. Chocolate-Frosted Donut

Dunkin’ sells plenty of frosted donut versions, and this is the best of the bunch. The chocolatey taste is authentic, and even adults enjoy the fun of the sprinkles. There’s no such thing as an age limit for these treats, and kids better not leave these donuts lying around—mommy and daddy will eat them in no time.

7. Old-Fashioned Donuts

Millennial fans think this is a bit dry in more than one sense, and they say there are plenty of more adventurous options. But older fans love it, as it brings along memories of their childhood moments. The nostalgia probably adds to the taste, but even kids today have to admit that it’s still tasty.

8. Boston Kreme Pie Donut

This is one donut where you might find unique versions in other countries. Among the filled donuts, many consider this the best. It feels like the classic New England dessert with ideal mix of chocolate and custard flavors.

9. Coconut Donut

The rating for this donut depends greatly on whether you like the coconut taste or not. Admittedly, the coconut taste here is quite strong. But it’s good enough to convert you into a coconut donut fan if you aren’t already a fan yet.

10. Vanilla-Frosted Donut

Admittedly, the colorful visuals provided by the rainbow sprinkles add a lot of the fun to this donut. Kids love it, but even adults admit that it sure satisfies the taste buds nicely.

11. Chocolate Kreme-Filled Donut

Again, you have the chocolate with the donut. For many, that’s automatically a good thing.

12. Marble-Frosted Donut

This doesn’t give you that Sophie’s Choice between chocolate and vanilla. You get both, and all’s right in the world!

That’s a dozen donuts right there, right? So, what are you waiting for? Just buy a dozen donuts and enjoy!

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