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The Best FREE Video Editing Tool You Must Have On Mac.

Video editing is gaining roots day by day among different people across the world. Though not everyone is interested in video editing or video editing tools, some cannot do without them. If you are running a video editing business, you understand what it costs to be a professional video editor. To succeed in video editing, it’s good to learn and understand how to use at least one video editing tool.

Why do you need to know video editing tools?

Your reason to do or begin something could be different from someone else’s. Video editing processes and the use of particular video editing tools isn’t an exception. People have different ideas and reasons as to why they want to know how to use video editing tools. Below are some of the main reasons why people want to know how to use video editing tools”

  • To Become a YouTuber.

If you want to specialize and spend your time YouTubing, you need to at least have the basic video editing skills because people want to watch high-quality and meaningful videos. Videos with poor transitions or blurred images will keep your subscribers away. It could be a genuine reason why someone unsubscribed from your channel!

Again, consistency is required on YouTube. For one, you are uploading videos in a particular niche. The videos you post must contain related content. If you feel that some sections of such videos are making your video irrelevant, you need to trim such videos to make them precise and relevant.

If you don’t take time to understand how to use any of the available video editing tools, YouTubing could become too expensive for you. This is because you’ll have to hire a professional video editor to do the work for you at a cost. Of course, the person you hire is in business and is there to serve many clients. Such persons might give your video limited time and hence don’t achieve the best video you may want on your YouTube channel. When you edit the videos individually, you will take your time to give the finest touches to your videos before uploading them to YouTube.

  • Making Vlogs.

A blog is an online platform (website) that one creates to post content of a specific niche targeting given readers who might like or be interested in your content. On the other hand, people have advanced to making video blogs instead of writing articles to post on the blogs. In a video blog which we are now referring to as a vlog, people use video content for blogging instead of written content. The videos should be of a specific niche and be of high quality.

To run a successful Vlog, you need stunning videos and also optimize your video content to attract more visitors. Successful vlogging can earn you a lot of money in advertisements, subscriptions, affiliate marketing, and the use of sponsored content.

  • Posting Good Videos on IG Story/Tik Tok/Facebook Page.

Other than vloggers and YouTubers, we also have other people and businesses that share their videos on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook pages. If you are a brand or business and want to share your products on these platforms, you must use appealing videos to influence the viewers to do business with you.

For example, someone might avoid your services if you post a video of your skills that is full of flaws. Flaws will probably make a video hard to understand. Only a video with a smooth transition between scenes is good for marketing your business.

If you are a comedian and have shared nice videos on Tik Tok, your videos are likely to get many downloads and shares. The same for Instagram where your followers will like/dislike your videos.

With that in mind, you understand why someone may want to know how to use video editing tools. But, which is the best for all levels of video editors? Many people who have used various video editing tools will often tell you of Wondershare’s Filmora Mac video editor. Let’s briefly look at it to understand why users love to use it.

Why Filmora Is The Best Choice For You?

1. Easy to Use.

Newbies who are looking for a YouTube video editor for Mac should look no further. Filmora is designed with a simple interface and steps to achieve great videos. It has all essential video editing functions of trimming, copying, and reversing. All these features are easy to access and use unlike in some editors that are complex to use.

2. Plenty of Video Materials.

To enjoy using an array of video materials without going to different tools, you better install Filmora for mac. After shooting your videos and trimming them appropriately, you can add effects, transitions, and filters to customize your videos. The good thing about editing the videos yourself is that you understand better what your audience loves.

3. Advanced Editing Features.

Most of the free video editing tools do not give users options for keyframing, motion tracking, green screen effect to change the video background, and audio ducking. All these are available on this Mac video editor at no extra cost.


4. High-Performance Cost Ratio Compared to Other Tools.

In most items especially digital apps and software, there is a notion that ‘the higher the price, the better the tool’. This isn’t always correct and Filmora from Wondershare came to disapprove of that statement. Filmora has a free trial plan after which you can make subscriptions costing less than $10 per month which preferably low. Some other tools are a bit pricey with an example of Adobe Premiere Pro which costs over $30 per month.

Comparing the features in Filmora and the quality of videos the tool gives, one would say it’s underpriced. Even if Wondershare increased the subscription fees today, those who have used it before would still use it for its convenience.

Final Verdict.

Video editing has almost become essential in the current world where everybody wants to be present online. And to make a valuable presence on the internet, you need to post or upload high-quality photos or videos on your accounts. Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube, or any other online platform.

Download the Wondershare Filmora video editor for Mac to make the best videos to use on various platforms. I’m sure you’ll hike your game on these platforms and get more followers and likes which of course will benefit you. If you use good videos and proper SEO strategies, you will see yourself making money on these platforms. All the best in your video editing journey…

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