The best places to anchor for the day in Cannes & St Tropez

The French Riviera is a summer hotspot, with some of the wildest parties, the most elegant beach clubs, and warm, crystal blue waters. With a multitude of housing options, including some of the world’s top hotels, enormous collections of villas, and some of the finest superyachts, we produced for you our A list of the finest places to anchor off of in the South of France to enjoy your stay.

Pampelonne Beach

Even though the real site is Ramatuelle, the mythological Pampelonne beach is St-crown Tropez’s gem of beaches. The Mediterranean Sea is separated from acres of scrub-covered dunes by over five kilometres of beautiful, white sand. It’s a natural wonderland that serves as a great place to anchor off on a boat and a  rural background to the world’s most elegant beach party scene.

With the recent closure of the legendary (some would say notorious) Voile Rouge, there are now 26 beach restaurants where you may dine, drink, show off, or sleep on a comfy lounge chair and/or mattress while contemplating the surf. The majority of the “beach clubs” where celebrities, oligarchs, princes, presidents, and models come to rest were built in the 1950s and 1960s and are still in operation today. Although they are referred to as “beach clubs,” there is no membership fee, merely the cost of renting a lounge chair or umbrella (about €30 depending on the season).

Each restaurant has its own distinct atmosphere. Nikki Beach, with its own pool, is unquestionably the queen of the clubs, always encircled by young clubbers recovering from the night before. Nikki Beach is technically not a beach club because it is located a few dozen metres away from the beach. Club 55 is also well-known for being hip, casual, elegant, and hospitable all at the same time. It’s an excellent area to spot celebrities. The trendy L’Esquinade beach, located at the southern end of the beach, has a low-key atmosphere and reasonable costs. The beach eateries at the southern end are often more casual and slightly less expensive.

The iles de lerins

These Mediterranean beauty places give tourists a unique blend of flora and wildlife, as well as an interesting history that includes the mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask and the peace of Cistercian monks.

Saint Margaret (Île Sainte-Marguerite) is the largest of the Lerins Islands, while Saint Honorat (Île Saint-Honorat) is a smaller island that is privately owned by Cistercian monks. The latter two islands are small and deserted. The islands are near Cannes and may be visited by ferry from Cannes, Antibes, Nice, and other French Riviera destinations.

The exclusive beach La Guérite is a sanctuary with a stunning view of the bay of Cannes that entices seasoned travellers making it the perfect location for a boat to anchor off of. La Guerite and its restaurant, nestled under the royal fort of Sainte-Marguerite Island, are a haven for the worldwide elite for a day of leisure. La Guerite surprises with its attractiveness and authenticity in the unusual environment of the Island of the Man in the Iron Mask, and the lucky ones who arrive there every day by boat into a club of the privileged.

Enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine of Greek chef Yiannis Kioroglou, who deftly combines baking, braising, and grilling to tantalise his visitors’ taste buds. You may unwind on a beach bed while drinking a beverage or a bottle of local wine. Finally, lay your feet on the beach and have a lobster while listening to the sounds of the musicians who liven up the scene. Everything at La Guerite is about enjoyment and relaxation. A stopover at La Guerite is an obvious choice for a wonderful day sailing between the Lerins Islands by yacht or sailboat.

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