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The Best Roofing Materials Recommended for Alberta Winters

Alberta is known for several things and record-breaking low temperature is one of them. Bearing with the harsh winters may be tough, even for the roofs as it may lead to cracking, curling or leakage. Some of the roofing concerns in winters in Alberta are:

  • Sub-zero temperature: Low temperature can affect some roofing material and make them crack or brittle.
  • Heavy snowfall: Extremely heavy snowfall can cause major damage to the roofing materials and if snow builds up on the roof, it becomes too heavy to support.
  • Heavy wind and hail: In the past hailstorms in Calgary have cause billions of damages. Hail storm and harsh winds can dent and damage the roofing material or even dislodge shingles if not properly fastened.
  • Freeze/thaw procedure: When the water on your home freezes and thaws, it can make ice dams which is one of the major reasons for roof damage. Ice dams prevent drainage of water and lead to leakage.

Roofing materials for Alberta Winters

Usually, roofs in Calgary and Edmonton are made of asphalt shingles but hard weather conditions may make them dry or crack and shorten their lifespan. AMT Roofing offers materials design to face the long and harsh Albertan winters and safeguard your house.

Metal roof

Metal roofs have gained popularity in colder climates. With right installation and care, a metal roof can last for several years more than a conventional asphalt roof. It is the most durable material and allows snow and ice to slide instantly. However, it is important to ensure that the roof is big enough that any snow that could build on your home exterior falls down. There are variety of looks to choose from and smooth standing seam Edmonton panels are one of them.

The standing seam panels are quite popular roofing system especially in areas prone to fire. They are manufactured with large steel panels installed on the deck with seams overlapping running vertically along the slope. It could be made of steel, aluminum, zinc or copper. They are durable and maintenance free.

Asphalt shingles

Though organic asphalt shingles have a short life expectancy especially in Alberta, newer technology has added to its life. They may stand tough during harsh winters and remain cost-effective too.

Concrete roofing tiles

They are very strong and can withstand even the toughest and harshest weather conditions. They are also fire resistant and not very popular. The tile is made of cement, sand and pigments and the weight is around three layers of asphalt shingles. By any chance if moisture penetrates and it forms into ice, then it can break open the tiles.

Slate roofing tiles

They render similar benefits as concrete tiles and are known for their high durability and safety from severe weather conditions. However, they are more expensive and heavier than concrete tiles.

If you reside in Alberta and want your house to survive the toughest weather conditions with ease, then go for metal roofing. Though a little pricey, but they will definitely give you a great Return on Investment.

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