The Best Tips To Follow to Minimize Distracted Driving

Distracted driving claims the lives of about nine people every day. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 1,000 people are injured every day in incidents involving a distracted driver.

In 2019, 3,142 people died due to distracted driving, while 391,000 people were injured. Distracted driving accidents accounted for 10% of fatal car accidents, 15% resulted in injury, and 14% of police-reported car accidents. Additionally, the National Safety Council (NSC) reports that mobile phone use attributed to 27% of all vehicle collisions.

Talking on the phone, sending text messages, browsing the internet, using social media, and even a video call while driving are all examples of distracted driving activities. According to an NSC study, 3,400+ adult drivers have done one of the aforementioned activities while driving.

The study revealed the following:

  • 19% conducted phone calls with handheld devices.
  • 51% conducted phone calls hands-free.
  • 32% read or sent text messages.
  • 23% read or sent an email.
  • 23% looked at, read, or posted social media messages.
  • 21% surfed the internet.
  • 19% looked at, took, or posted photos or videos.
  • 14% watched TV or a movie on the phone.
  • 14% engaged in a video chat.

Engaging in activities that distract you from driving can result in an accident, injury or death. It’s not worth it. You don’t want to have to hire a car accident lawyer, do you?

What can you do to decrease distractions while you are driving? We’ve compiled some of the best tips to help combat this growing problem.

How To Minimize Distracted Driving

Multi-tasking is not your friend. On the road, drivers should only do one thing: drive! They should never drive while multitasking. This includes refraining from texting, video chatting, or posting on social media while driving.

Don’t eat while driving. Driving while eating or drinking may be very distracting. As a result, drivers should eat either before or after their journeys. If you must eat, pull over to a safe location to eat if required.

Never, ever, ever, ever use the phone while driving. If a driver has to make a phone call, they should pull over to a safe location. Although you are legally allowed to use your phone hands-free, it is still a distracting action that may cause a car accident. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), drivers are even distracted for up to 27 seconds after making a call. It’s just not worth it.

Properly store your gear. You do not want loose things to move around your vehicle while driving. Before traveling, make sure to store your items properly. Reaching for unsecured things may result in disaster.

Keep your eyes on the road! This one should go without saying. Keep your eyes peeled on the road at always. While driving, you should avoid glancing at things like the scenery or advertising. A driver should also shift their eyes every two seconds and check their mirrors every five to eight seconds, according to experts.

Do not groom while driving. Drivers should never dress or groom themselves while driving. If you must shave or dress, do it before you leave or pull over and do it at a safe location.

Never drive while sleepy. According to the NHTSA, drowsy driving contributes to more than 100,000 accidents each year. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleepy driving may impair driving performance as much as or more than drinking. Drivers who are drowsy should pull over to the side of the road and find a safe location to rest.

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