The Best Way to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Fullness or fatty mass appears below the chin as we age. This is popularly termed a double chin. It often impacts the overall aesthetic appearance of your face.

A double chin may also occur prematurely due to irregular and unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. Double chin could be a  result of weight gain, loose skin and genetics. It is one of the most common cosmetic concerns among people in Australia.

Before you plan to undergo treatment for double chin removal in Melbourne, let’s first understand double chin, how it occurs and the best treatment options.

What is a double chin?

Double chin or Submental Adiposity – as it is scientifically called – can be defined as deposits of submental fat below the chin area. Since these are regular fat deposits below the chin area, the best treatment solution is regular exercise and proper dieting.

However, the fat deposits in the neck and chin area could be stubborn and won’t go despite regular workouts and a healthy diet.

In a majority of the treatment cases of double chin removal in Melbourne, the patients have had reduced considerable weight and follow a healthy diet, but still are not able to get rid of the double chin, which affects the overall aesthetic appearance of their face.

Luckily there is an optimum non-surgical cosmetic treatment solution for such double chin cases, commonly called double chin injections.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre provides the most comprehensive treatment for double chin removal in Melbourne with TGA & FDA approved premium double chin injectable products and equipment.

Double chin injections

Double chin injections are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment for double chin removal among Australian men and women. It is secure, simple, swift and easy with no downtime. These features make it the most sought after cosmetic double chin removal treatment.

The injectable ingredient is made up of deoxycholic acid, which is a natural compound found in the body. Deoxycholic acid is predominantly present in the gallbladder of the body. It helps to break down and ensure proper digestion of the fatty substances and products in the food.

This deoxycholic acid is derived in its synthetic form and is administered into the double chin area underneath the chin. The acid begins its work immediately and starts breaking down the fatty cell deposits. Depending on the quality of fatty deposits and the skin type, the cosmetic physician will prescribe the right dose of double chin injections to achieve the best double chin removal results. A few patients may need to undergo 2 or more treatment sessions to permanently remove the fat cells from behind the chin.

Since the injectable ingredient or compound is derived from the body it makes the cosmetic procedure secure with minimal or no side effects and risks. Any short term side effects like bruising or swelling are a result of treatment and go away within a few days post-treatment. These short term post-treatment side effects can be effectively managed with over the counter medications recommended by the cosmetic physician.

With hardly any downtime. You can get done with the procedure in real quick time. If you want, you could get this done even during your lunchtime. You need to follow the recommendations on the care required to the treated area to achieve the best outcomes of the treatment for double chin removal in Melbourne.

As the double chin gets comprehensively reduced, your chin becomes more profound and well defined, your skin becomes tighter and smoother and you achieve an attractive and youthful facial appearance.

Importance of consulting experienced cosmetic specialists

The very first step in the process of double chin removal in Melbourne is to consult an experienced and highly qualified cosmetic physician who is familiar with neck and head anatomy and has considerable knowledge on the usage and prescription of fillers and injectables for cosmetic treatment.

Dr Shobhna Singh is a highly qualified and experienced Cosmetic Physician, with in-depth knowledge on the use of TGA & FDA approved premium filler and injectable products for cosmetic skin treatment.

Dr Shobhna first conducts a detailed skin examination to understand the skin type and the quantity of double chin. After analyzing the results, she then recommends the right cosmetic treatment for double chin removal. Only on informed approval from the patient, the treatment is conducted.

Therefore, the patient is fully aware of their cosmetic skin concern and the kind of treatment they need to undergo to achieve the desired skin rejuvenation outcomes.

To achieve the best results, the treatment must be conducted by an experienced cosmetic physician, with TGA & FDA approved premium products and equipment and under controlled conditions.

To consult Dr Shobhna Singh for double chin removal in Melbourne, you must visit Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre today.

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