The best ways to use large-holed pearls

A great addition to any jewelry-making project is genuine pearls. These rare gemstones are prized for their beauty and luster. There are many colors, sizes, and shapes available. No two are alike. You can find cultured freshwater pearls with different hole sizes, which makes them suitable for many projects. Large hole pearls can fit almost any type of cord or chain. . These are used to make bolder and more dramatic pieces such as chokers or wire-wrapped pendants. This is in contrast to delicate pieces made with pearls with smaller holes. These are just a few of the ideas. Large-hole pearls are used in jewelry-making.

Wire-Wrapped Pendant

Because they are large enough to allow the wire to pass through, large-hole pearl beads are great for wire-wrapping projects. There are many ways to make beautifully wrapped pearl pendants, regardless of whether you are an expert or novice at wrapping gemstones in the wire.

A wire-wrapped frame pendant for beginners is an easy project. You can use heavier gauge wire to create a frame of any size. Then wrap your pearls with finger wire. Your frame can be as big or small as you like. You also have the option to use as many beads as you want. You can make something simple and elegant or big and bold. You can do whatever you want!

To make a pearl bead a pendant, you can also wrap wire. This process is easy and can create a single pendant worn as a necklace. You can also wrap several beads together to make a necklace or pair of chandelier earrings.

Leather Pearl Choker

A leather pearl choker is a great way to make pearl jewelry with a more sophisticated look. This simple but eye-catching project is easy! To complete this project, you will need two large-hole pearl beads, leather cording, and scissors. You can choose any color you like for your cord and pearl. Although the tutorial shows how to make a pearl with a black leather cord, you can choose any color you like. Freshwater pearls come in so many stains that there is no reason to be restricted.

Add two inches to the length you want for your choker. Then, cut the bead to the desired length. For the final touch, add another pearl. To prevent the beads from sliding off, tie a knot at the end. One pearl can be slipped against the knot. Then tie the second one on the opposite side. Make a loop at the end of the cord. To secure your necklace, it should be large enough to wrap around the pearl.

Place the pearl in the middle of the necklace, and tie a knot on either side. This will hold it in place. This is it! You can create a bold pearl necklace that everyone will notice in just minutes.

Elegant Earrings

You probably think of pearl earrings when you think about studs. You don’t have to be restricted! Beautiful dangle earrings can be made with large-hole pearl beads. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to designing earrings. These earrings can be made using the wire-wrapping techniques described above or with jump rings and other essential supplies. You can create stunning earrings for any occasion using large-hole pearl beads, whether you are a beginner or an expert.


Large-hole pearl beads can serve various purposes. They can accommodate wire, cords, and larger chains. You can browse our website to locate the pearl beads you need for your next piece of jewelry.

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