The Facts You need to Know to Fight Climate Change

Here are some facts on climate change to help us comprehend one of the most significant challenges of this century.

One of the most important facts is that.

The long-term warming of the world is what is meant by the term “global warming.” In addition to global warming, climate change involves a wide range of changes that are taking place in our world.

Rising sea levels, diminishing glaciers, accelerated ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica, and shifting flower and plant blooming dates are all examples of these broader climate changesĀ  as per .

Temperature rises have been attributed to human activity, particularly greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s a term used to describe how solar energy is trapped and absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere.

Climate change evidence is collected and analyzed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, established in 1988. Several scary climate models have been generated since then. Many of the planet’s ice caps will melt by the end of the century, and these models predict that catastrophic floods will be unleashed, capable of engulfing entire cities.

Eat a Plant-Based Diet

You can reduce your carbon footprint by half if you switch to a vegetarian diet and even more if you go vegan. It is possible to reduce your carbon footprint by more than a third by cutting back on the amount of meat you consume, according to research from the University of Oxford. We could reduce carbon emissions by 66 gigatons if half of the world’s population eliminated meat intake and avoided deforestation induced by agriculture according to .

Use Renewable Energy.

We can’t get by without renewable energy if we want to get off of fossil fuels. Sen. Udall, Reps. Lofgren and Matsui sponsored a bill in Congress that would sell $25 Treasury bonds to help finance the government’s renewable energy programs, based on the “war bonds” of World War II. This law would allow for Clean Energy Victory Bonds to be issued. For example, Blue Pacific Solar and RGS Energy are two installers that sell renewable energy and plug into renewable utilities like Clean Choice and Arcadia Power, which don’t require you to install any new gear in your home.

Involve yourself in the democratic process by voting

Climate change affects all levels of society, from the local to the global. When it comes to picking who will run the country, we’re all in the same boat. When you disagree with your elected officials, utilize your voice as a citizen to express your concerns. The outcome of the upcoming elections will significantly impact how the United States and its political officials respond to catastrophic climate change.

To sum up, here are five things to keep in mind when

Fossil fuels account for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions. There are several ways to go about this, but one of the most important is to take your money out of institutions that support fossil fuel expansion. There has been a total of $9.94 trillion in institutional divestiture and $5.2 billion in 58,000 individual diversions so far in the fossil fuel divestment movement. Using, our national network of socially responsible investment financial advisors, and our list of financial products and services, you may establish a fossil-free portfolio. You can also encourage your religious group or alma mater to divest. Take advantage of CarbonClick to measure your carbon footprint.

Insulation needs to be improved.

Better insulation is one of the most cost-effective and accessible ways to address climate change. The walls of older homes might lose as much as a third of their heat. You’ll save money and lower your carbon footprint by installing modern insulation in your home. It would save 8.3 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions if 50% of existing buildings had more excellent insulation. That’s more than a complete rebuild of the international shipping industry.

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