The Impact of Big Events for Esports Betting

Major esports events encourage hundreds or even thousands of views. They create momentum for each title’s competitive environment. While in-person events return to the normal rhythm after the pandemic, it’s crucial to understand these events’ effects on esports betting at

The Major Events Taken Place in Esports Betting

Traditional sports betting demonstrated a drastic decline in 2020. Due to the pandemic and all of the related restrictions, 70% of traditional sports events were canceled or postponed. Surprisingly, esports wagers demonstrate the opposite effect. In fact, online wagers grew up by 100%.

The “Big Three” titles include League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). According to the Narus Advisors and Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, they make up 85% of the total handle. CS:GO is widely perceived as the most popular choice. It was the case before the pandemic, and this will most likely remain the case after the pandemic as well.

According to the announcement of EsportsBattles operator, CS:GO tournament IEM Cologne took place in 2021. The number of participants was reported as high almost 40% similar to traditional sporting events.

The International 10 is one more striking sports event in the Dota 2 environment. It returned to CS:GO fans in 2021 with an even bigger customer base and even more generous prize pools. By the time of writing, the total pool was reported at a record $40 million. The first-place team will get the major share of this reward. As you can guess, higher stakes mean higher pressure, which will keep things interesting for esports bettors.

Betting Operators to Build Content around Esports events

Each esports title is unique. Its content tends to educate bettors on the game’s concept and available odds. For example, League of Legends usually involves the best three options. Meanwhile, CS:GO has 30 rounds where the first player to win 16 games takes over the whole match.

Betting operators aim to create content around major events. Their actions become the case for several reasons:

  • Share the knowledge
  • Boost more hype
  • Introduce factors that can influence the final outcome
  • Promote bets on the outcome

The betting coverage ranges from the latest playable “Champion” character. The future updates help bettors take different competition factors into account. These include teams that have been the previous winners and roster changes that could change team dynamics.

Content offered by the betting operator and the upcoming events encourages trust. This is how an average bettor can explore the content alongside odds. This is the most reasonable approach to making an educated decision.

Event Sponsorship as an Option

Sponsorship happens to be the driving force for awareness and affinity with esports enthusiasts. According to the data taken from YouGov Profiles, 74% of CS:GO fans are more likely to recognize the sponsors of events they keep track of. Meanwhile, 58% of soccer fans have this kind of knowledge. Importantly, more than half of German esports fans focus on the specific team due to extensive sponsorship.

Betting counterparts can focus on a single event or an entire series, depending on their initial intentions. Recently, Esports events company ESL has agreed on the partnership with 1xBet as the official global betting partner of the ESL events in 2022.

When you decide to bet on CS:GO, you should pay attention to the nuances surrounding the upcoming event. The more you know, the better results you are about to reach.

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