The personalized key ring, an original little gift to offer without hesitation

Giving or treating yourself to a personalized keychain allows you to take a little piece of yourself, like a souvenir or a photo in your pocket, everywhere with you. Personalized key rings are great gift ideas that appeal to the greatest number. On this page, discover a wide choice of personalized key rings in all their shapes and colors, in leather or metal, with your photos or not.

How to personalize a keychain?

The key rings can be personalized with your photo, a first name or a text of your choice, or even all three depending on the model you choose. Most of our keyrings are personalized by laser engraving, a process that engraves the heart of the glass and requires great precision work. It is thanks to this process that you will be amazed at the realism of a photo engraved in the heart of a acrylic keychain. Concerning a leather key ring, the process remains the same, while respecting the material and the color of the object.

We offer customization on a wide range of quality materials: leather, metal, glass, and plastic. This great diversity also allows us to offer you several shapes of customizable key rings: round, heart, plate, rectangle, flower, oval, in the shape of a token, in all colors. You will also find fancy keychains, such as the personalized backup battery keychain, which is a keychain associated with a small external battery allowing you to urgently recharge your phone.

In conclusion, personalizing a keychain requires very specific know-how. The personalization of all our keyrings is provided by our French craftsmen, experts in engraving, whose job it has been for years. Whether on leather, metal, or plastic, your personalization or your photo will be carefully engraved on this small object that will accompany you every day.

Thanks to our personalization tool, personalize your keychain live and get a faithful representation of what your personalization would look like on your favorite keychain.

On what occasion to offer a personalized key ring?

A useful object par excellence, the keyring offers you the possibility of grouping all your keys on the same support. Personalization brings happiness and comfort since it will allow you to personalize a photo or a note for the recipient. The price will hardly be an obstacle because the personalized keychain is also a cheap gift with low prices, counting between 10 and 30 on a large number of keychains. Our connected models are the most expensive, with a price of up to 40.

As you will have understood, a personalized key ring is available for all occasions, and for all recipients: women, men, teenagers, and even older children who are starting to have their first keys. For Father’s Day and for all dads who like to tinker, we offer you the original models of Saw or Hammer keychains. For a mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day or for a dad, nothing would please them more than a key ring engraved with a photo of their child(ren) or their family. In fact, one of our favorite keychains is the personalized leather photo keychain with a name on the outside and a small photo on the inside.

Grandmothers and grandfathers are not left out, they will also love to receive a photo keychain with their family represented. The connected key fob can also be a very useful gift idea for all ages because it is a key fob that allows you to find your keys remotely via a fully secure mobile application.

The personalized keychain is also a timeless gift as an advertising gift. Thank your employees and custom keychains customers with a personalized keychain gift with a text such as your slogan or your company logo. Offering a personalized keychain, it is also the assurance for the recipient of receiving a Made in France gift. In addition, you will be supporting a French activity and craftsmanship because the personalization of all our keyrings is carried out in France.

Finally, at Vograce the quality and care given to your personalization and your gift is our number one objective. But that’s not all: the timely delivery of your personalized key ring and all your gifts is also one of our priorities. You can count on fast delivery to the address of your choice on all products.

Wholesale keychains

What are you waiting for to place your order for personal advertising keyrings? Remember: the more you order, the cheaper it will be. Of course, ordering promotional keys in bulk will allow you to find competitive prices. Know now all our different types of earrings, made of different materials like wood, coconut, or metal. We also have a selection of eco-friendly key fobs. 

And it is the key to promoting a personal and practical gift. Because everyone needs a personalized promotional keychain! Of course, if you want to customize keychains online with Garrampa, you have 2 options: select one of our carved keys and your printer logo or logo (you already have the opportunity to create your own keyring with the carved image) or customize the key keys. , which goes with the company theme.

So, the perfect personalized keychains for real estate are these house-shaped keychains. Carry out your marketing campaign with this essential everyday object. Consult Garrampa’s online catalog now and discover the wide choice of beautiful customizable key rings. Carry out your marketing campaign with this essential everyday object. Consult Garrampa’s online catalog now and discover the wide choice of beautiful customizable key rings. Carry out your marketing campaign with this essential everyday object. Consult Garrampa’s online catalog now and discover the wide choice of beautiful customizable key rings.

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