The Process of Getting Indian Travelling Visas at Present

Due to widespread vaccination, the Indian government is finally opening the border for India visa online applications in 2021. This means that visitors from Visa Eligible for India will be able to apply for an Indian Tourist Visa.

For nearly two years, Indian Visas have been outlawed according to the COVID protocol. India has already started operating international flights and is eagerly awaiting the lifting of the COVID prohibition. Business and health tourism to India will only be possible with the introduction of the Indian Medical Visa in September 2021. The leisure industry has been impacted the hardest of all sectors, particularly in India’s hotels, tour operators, and restaurants.

Arrangements of Covid protocol

International charter flights often fly to destinations like Goa and Mumbai to bring visitors to India. At the time, India has Air Bubble agreements with a few countries. Restrictions went into effect in March 2020. India’s tourism industry stakeholders are pleading with the government to widen the country’s borders.

Taj Mahal’s two-year record for most visitors will be shattered on October 4, 2021, when a new record will be set. Visit our Agra Travel Guide to learn more. Although foreign tourists have not yet taken part in the Visit, this record number has been achieved.

India’s tourism industry will see a thaw in 2021 when citizens of more than 1808 nations can apply for a tourist visa to India. With six World Heritage Sites, India offers a unique look into human history and the rich tapestry of civilization. Further information can be found at Indian UNESCO-listed sites.

Numerous nations’ citizens are eligible for Indian Visa Online (eVisa India), including tourists who want to visit India’s beaches on a tourist visa, such as the United States, Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany. Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) is available to citizens of over 180 countries that qualify under Indian Visa Eligibility and apply for the Indian Visa Online service given by the Indian government.

Any questions or assistance with your travel to India or your Visa for India (eVisa India)? If so, you can apply for the Indian Visa Online right here and call the Indian Visa Help Desk for help and information if you need any India business  visa .

Those traveling to or through India from outside the country must have a valid international travel document, such as a national passport and a visa obtained from an Indian Mission or Post overseas.

To apply for an Indian visa, all individuals are requested to use the Online application link.

The physically signed and completed application form and the necessary supporting papers must be delivered on the specified interview day to the respective Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) or directly to the Indian Mission/Post. Instructions for Online Visa Application has all the information you need, including how to fill out the form and make an appointment. Technical Instructions contain important information for completing out an online Indian visa application.

For further information about Indian visas, applicants should consult the website of the Indian Mission in their area.


  1. On-line form of submission:

  • This form is for foreign nationals asking for a visa from a country other than India.
  • Each online application is for a single individual. Each Applicant must submit a separate application.
  • Please provide all requested information, notably names, addresses, and birth dates, in the manner requested on the forms.
  • Before submitting an online application, candidates must double-check their information. If the online application form is not submitted, they can save it for later use.
  • Further changes cannot be made once the online application form has been submitted by the Applicant. As a result, applicants are urged to double-check and authenticate their information before submitting it.
  • To facilitate future discussions, applicants are asked to save their Application Id (obtained immediately after submitting an online form).

2. Making and keeping appointments:

  • The Applicant can make a meeting with the Indian Mission at a time that is convenient for them.
  • The Indian Mission must plan individual appointments with each Applicant.
  • Filling out an online application form consists of the following steps:
  • The Applicant should go to to access the Visa Application System.
  • To apply for a Visa, go to the website mentioned above and pick “Select Mission” from the tab “Select Mission.”

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