The Pros and Cons of Buying Organic Produce 

We all want the best for our health – especially when it comes to our diets. 

The sale of organic food rises every year. Most people choose organic foods because they believe organic products are more nutritious, safer or better for the environment. If you strive to make informed decisions when it comes to nutrition you might be wondering which is better for you: organic or non organic foods? 

In order to help you decide if organic food is better for you and your family, we’ve compiled this list of the pros and cons of organic food. Read on to learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of organic food.

The Pros of Buying Organic

  • It’s not as expensive as you think 

One of the major reasons people cite not wanting to buy organic food is the price. While it’s true that organic food from your local grocery store can come at a higher cost, there are plenty of ways to save on organic produce and cleaning products. 

Thrive Market allows you to purchase organic foods without overpaying. From fresh produce and pantry staples to cleaning products, Thrive Market offers up to 30% off on over 5000+ organic products. They even use environmentally friendly shipping materials for all orders. 

You can enjoy additional discounts by shopping with the only Thrive Market promo code that offers such massive savings! 

  • No pesticides 

One of the major differences between organic and non organic produce is the use of pesticides. In fact, organic food uses over 94-100% less pesticides than non organic foods. Since pesticides have been linked to cancer, organic food might be healthier when compared to non-organic food. 

This also means that the food you buy at the grocery stores might contain pesticide residues. Make sure you properly wash all your food before consumption to avoid ingesting these pesticides.

  • Higher mineral content 

Studies have shown that organic foods have a higher mineral content than non-organic foods. Both magnesium and iron are much higher in organic produce, along with other micronutrients like phenols and salicylic acid. 

If you’re looking for the healthiest food, you might want to invest in organic produce thanks to it’s higher nutrtional value. 

  • More animal friendly 

Organic farming is much more animal-friendly than non-organic farming. In order to be considered organic, animals must range freely outdoors and they must have more space between each animal. Organic animals also can’t receive any unnecessary antibiotics. 

They can only graze on natural, organic grasses as opposed to soy. The use of pesticides and fertilizers is extremely restricted. This ensures that not only are the animals happier but they also produce healthier products. 

The Cons of Buying Organic

  • It’s harder to grow

Organic farming is much more labor intensive than farming with pesticides. In organic farming, all weeding is done by hand and pests are controlled through natural methods. This is far more time consuming than other methods and, as a result, this raises the costs of organic foods. 

  • They don’t last as long 

Organic produce has a much shorter shelf life than non-organic foods. Conventional food is treated with waxes and other preservatives that help them maintain their freshness during the shipping process. By law, in order to earn the organic certification organic foods can not be treated with similar presartives. 

  • Certification are difficult to obtain

One of the reasons organic products cost so much is due to the certification process. It’s extremely difficult for produce to be labeled as organic and the certification process is long and costly. All these costs are passed on to the consumer as higher prices. 

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