The Reasons To Be Excited About Watching Stargirl

If you’ve already watched all the superhero shows available on your streaming services, you are probably ready to check out Stargirl. This new show, produced by Geoff Johns, looks at the superhero Stargirl. As fans get to know more about Stargirl, they are particularly excited about a few things. Here are some of the most exciting parts of this show. 

Her Optimistic Spirit

Recently, it seems like the majority of superhero shows take themselves way too seriously. After all, viewers want a little humor with their serious material. Fortunately, Stargirl is an optimistic show with a lighter side. Johns claims this is because it is based on his sister, who was an optimistic person. 

Her Connection to Other Superheroes

Building a large universe of heroes and trying to keep them from interacting is difficult. The good news is that superheroes in the Arrowverse frequently interact, which fans love. Fortunately, Stargirl takes place in the Arrowverse, so fans can expect to see some much-desired interaction. There are several possibilities for interaction on Stargirl. Fans will either be graced with existing superheroes, or totally new ones will appear. 

Her Rich Comic Book Origins

This new show is taking a chance and showing the more obscure side of the DC Comics world to television fans. This is because Stargirl is only known to the diehard fans, not the average moviegoers, even if she has appeared in vintage comic books for almost twenty years. That being said, the comic book material is vibrant and will make for great television material. After all, she is part of the Justice Society of America.

She Has a Known Identity

Most superheroes do everything they can to keep their identities a secret from their friends, family, and loved ones. Stargirl overturns this age-old and slightly outdated trend by telling a lot of people about her identity. In some instances, it is portrayed that this is a mistake and that people only know that Courtney Whitmore and Stargirl are the same because she is careless about keeping her identity secret. However, it makes for an interesting show because all of her friends know that she is a superhero. It also sets the stage for tension because some villains may know about her identity. 

She’s One of Few Female Heroes

One big problem with DC’s superheroes is that there are not enough women taking on saving the world. Fortunately, this situation is slowly improving. Those who do exist take a lot of criticism because they pay too much attention to the female lead’s personal life. However, Stargirl attempts to tackle this by providing an action-packed show that focuses on the superhero side of things. 

She’ll Stand Out

While Stargirl will join the Arrowverse, she won’t be one of the many shows already existing. Her unique character and interesting storyline will definitely make her stand out, so superhero fatigue doesn’t start to set in for viewers. 

Stargirl is a unique show that the DC Universe crew has recently started airing. If you want a rich show with a female lead and plenty of optimism, you should get excited about this.

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