The Reasons Why Lawyers Defend Guilty Clients

Lawyers often face the wrath of the common man on defending clients the public believes are guilty. Guilty clients, on the other hand, also usually find it in their best interest to hide their actions from their lawyers.

The fact of the matter is that it is the job and moral obligation of lawyers—whether criminal or otherwise—to provide appropriate legal advice and representation to their clients, regardless of their guilt or innocence. But that’s not all, read to find out more on why lawyers defend guilty clients.

Legal Guilt Vs Factual Guilt

It is one thing to commit a crime and a different one to be legally prosecuted for it. It is not about if the person in question has committed the crime but rather if it can be proven in the court of law. If the evidence does not line up, the accused cannot be charged with the crime and this is where the lawyer comes in. Everyone accused of a crime is not guilty and on the other hand and technically remains innocent until proven otherwise.

The Right of Legal Representation

Every fair, progressive nation allows its citizens the right to legal representation when they are accused of a crime and Australia is no exception. The constitution of Australia provides this right to everyone, regardless of external factors. It is the job of lawyers to provide this legal representation to clients who seek it and in other cases, where the government appoints them as legal counsel for someone.

Incorrect Accusations

Accusations can be stressful, especially for clients who have not committed the crime. Without timely legal representation, the justice system can sentence the wrong person for a crime they never committed. In cases where the client has not committed the crime, the right lawyers help them get out of the wrongful accusation.

Many other times, people can also accept the crime to cover for a family member or as part of another agenda. The lawyers can uncover the truth and make sure justice prevails.


It is not the job of a lawyer to judge someone for the crime they might have committed. The job of a lawyer is to provide the best legal representation they can and try their best to have the court rule in their client’s favour. Just as doctors treat all patients equally, regardless of their political, financial and other affiliations, lawyers serve their clients with equality despite their guilt or the absence of it.

The prosecution, judges and the jury agree that wrongful prosecution can happen but no one would admit it could happen with the case at hand. This is where lawyers maintain the balance of the justice system by representing even the guilty.

For people who find themselves in the midst of an accusation of crime or in need of legal criminal representation, consulting a reputed criminal lawyer like Prime Lawyers Sutherland is their best bet to defend their case and protect their rights. After all, criminals are people who have the same human rights as all other citizens.

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