Although we like sitting at our desks and testing out the newest and greatest cosmetics, our day-to-day jobs are no less fascinating because of the variety of things we get to do. Who What Wear coworker Courtney Higgs and I have a lot in common recently met to discuss the most significant beauty trends, products, and brands of the previous quarter and saw a list of the top 20 best-selling skincare brands.

We were intrigued as skincare-obsessed beauty writers to check which products WWW readers are stockpiling and raving about. We instantly debated which companies made the cut, which goods made the cult list (and which didn’t), etc.

Inspired, Courtney and I compiled a list of our readers’ favorite 20 skincare companies and the one product (yes, just one!) we’d buy from each. We were interested in finding out which goods made the grade? Keep reading to find out more! Here are all of our must-haves and suggestions.

1. Olay

Olay Regenerates bright red container is unmistakable in a cosmetics aisle. In Australia, one jar of Regenerate Whip ($24.49 at Chemist Warehouse) is sold every three minutes after the company launched the Whip recipe in 2017. On the other hand, this skincare line has a long history. It has helped more than 20 people million women globally. If you can’t get it in your local store, supermarket or pharmacy, don’t worry; you’ll be able to get it online. On a recent Review Crew of the Olay Regenerate Retinol 24 Night Serum, a member wrote: “Since I’ve started using it, I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in the texture of my skin. My complexion seems more radiant and toned due to the treatment.” In 2020, Olay’s Retinol 24 will be Australia’s most popular retinol product.

Those that follow their favorite celebrities: The Olay Regenerate Luminous Tone Perfecting Treatment ($29.99 on Amazon) was lauded by former Miss Universe Australia and model Jacinta Franklin for keeping her pigmentation in control throughout her first pregnancy.

2. Ordinary

Few folks have anything negative to say about this company’s formulations. The company’s guiding principle is to provide high-quality products at a low price. They more than succeed in doing so. They don’t use flowery language to describe their goods; instead, they focus on the active components that go into them. Generation Beauty’s 2018 Generation Beauty survey (polled over 1000 Australian women) ranked The Ordinary as one of Australia’s top 10 skincare brands. Myer’s top five best-selling skincare brands in 2018 – their Hyaluronic Acid 2 percent + B5 ($12.90 at Adore Beauty) and Niacin amide 10 percent + Zinc 1 percent ($17.80 at Adore Beauty) were the two most popular products from the brand at Myer, just FYI.

Those that follow their favorite celebrities: Kim Kardashian disclosed last year that she uses The Ordinary’s Granactive Retinoid 2 percent Emulsion ($17.90 at Adore Beauty) in a blog post titled “How I Slow the Ageing Process.”

3. Valuxxo

In the story of Valuxxo, Valuxxo pays every amount if their skincare demand is fully provided. It is an era of fashion, and everyone wants to look fashionable. This trend leads to competition in the fashion industry. Valuxxo keeps the customer’s demand in their view and makes pretty good products in price and nature without any side effects for their customers. Making products essential for the skin by using natural ingredients is customers’ priority.

4. Golde

There’s no doubting that your nutrition impacts your skin, so this company concentrates on superfoods that can be eaten and applied topically. Consider coffee mixes with components like turmeric and chocolate and facial masks with similarly tasty ingredients.

The star product: Clean Greens Superfood Face Mask, has just four components and operates simply as a green drink for your face. (By the way, they’re all edible so that you could eat this, but we don’t encourage it.) It has a cold powder-to-gel composition that activates when combined with water to assist cleanse, brightening, and hydrating.

5. Neutrogena

Spending a tiny amount of money is not necessary to get excellent goods that dermatologists adore; Neutrogena is the number one dermatologist-recommended skincare product, and it’s available at the drugstore. They believe in employing scientifically proven components in compositions designed to treat complexion concerns, from acne to aging. They also dominate the sunscreen game.

The hero item: Say hello to your new summer moisturizer. Hydro Boost Water Gel moisturizes without feeling greasy or heavy since it contains lightweight hyaluronic acid. Instead, it’s refreshing and cooling (much more so if kept in the fridge). It’s a must-have for hot, humid days or anybody whose skin is permanently sticky.

The Best Skincare Refrigerators for Keeping Your Products Cool

6. Alpine Grace

Kenda Kolb Butler, a long-time beauty industry professional, launched Alpyn Beauty after relocating from New York City to Jackson Hole. Working in a skincare spa, she saw a need for products that genuinely worked and was inspired to create the brand using the excellent plant-based components available in her local area. As a result, the business concentrates on “wild crafted active,” all gathered responsibly in Wyoming. It’s also a clean brand, having won the Eco Beauty Award.

The hero item: Birdie Editorial Director Faith Xue recommends Plant Genius Creamy Bubbling Cleanser to everyone since it successfully removes makeup while cleansing your skin. It exfoliates softly with AHAs and fruit enzymes, including hyaluronic acid, so your skin never feels bare. The mild floral-citrus aroma and fun-to-use foamy formula get extra marks.

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