The Trust Argument: Bitcoin

Bitcoin is digital money that permits peer-to-peer payments. Bitcoin does not have a central authority or banks to control it. Purchases are verified by system nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called the blockchain.

People trust bitcoin from for various reasons, and it is not the same thing as what they would do with their money in a bank. Bitcoin has more anonymity than any other form of currency which appeals to some people. They also like that transactions are instantaneous, which means you don’t have to worry about waiting days or weeks before you can use your money again. And finally, there is no one controlling how much bitcoin there will be available in the future – so in theory, it should never stop growing in value!

When it all started

Bitcoin was the primary cryptocurrency to be introduced. It might not have been developed using a formal white paper, but it set out all that bitcoin is and will become detailed steps as if someone had written a book about it.

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, like a dollar.

However, Bitcoin isn’t backed by anything with intrinsic value. Without such backing and unlike traditional currencies managed centrally from nation-states, bitcoin’s price can be volatile due to various factors, including media hype or an event in global finance.

It is not tied to one particular country as it doesn’t need regulation but rather relies on blockchain technology for its transactions.

Some people look at bitcoin as a store of value because governments have been printing money without restraint leading to inflationary pressures, while others see it as just another financial instrument, they want no part of because there has never been a successful government based digital currency or one that would work even if so desired.

The particular trust issue:

  • Bitcoin has no central point of bankruptcy, which means there are no single points for hackers or other malicious actors to target when attacking the network. This makes its protection much stronger than traditional financial institutions because they can only defend against one attack vector at any given time. The fact that bitcoin’s source code is open-source also helps people trust in it because they know what’s going on with their money every step of the way without having to rely solely on banks or third parties whose interests may differ from theirs.

Furthermore, unlike a regular bank account with access and control over your balance and transactions, bitcoin wallets don’t require passwords or PINs, making them more secure since all bitcoins within its system reside anonymously until an individual withdraws cash.

This means that people will be more likely to trust it with their money and use bitcoin wallets instead of traditional financial institutions.

  • Some would say they don’t know how a currency can survive in the long term without any regulation or authority. However, bitcoins are not controlled by an individual entity like a government or central bank but rather its network, making it very hard for anyone to tamper with transactions on there, making it trustworthy in many ways. Furthermore, unlike regular banks where passwords must be disclosed to transactional partners such as credit card companies when someone wants cash withdrawals from one’s account, bitcoin wallet balances are always anonymized until funds are withdrawn, at which point the transaction details become public knowledge.

In the end

Bitcoin is an ideal currency that people can trust. The cryptocurrency has been around for a while now and it continues to be safe to use, with no transaction fees or hidden costs. This ensures your bitcoins will always have value as long as you are willing to accept them in exchange for goods or services. If bitcoin’s popularity continues on the same trajectory, we may soon find ourselves living in a world where all transactions rely solely on this form of digital money.

What really matters is that people trust bitcoin. The more they use it and see how easy it can be to send money or make purchases with a simple mobile app, then the easier it will become for them to get on board. If you’re looking into investing in Bitcoin this year, there are several things you should know before making your decision. One of those considerations might be tax implications which we’ve discussed above as well as potential volatility in price swings over time.

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