The ultimate guide on Choosing Generators in Kenya

Generators are devices that are used to generate power through the conversion of chemical and mechanical energy to electrical energy. They do so by turning motion power to electronic energy by forcing the electrons from an external origin through the electrical circuit.

There are various considerations that are made in the purchase of generators, the most important being the price. The prices of generators depending on the type, budget, source among other considerations. We will discuss the tips regarding generator prices in Kenya.

The usefulness of generators

Generators have varied uses in the various place and industries where they are used. They can be used during emergencies like in natural disasters where there are power outages although they are also commonly used in non-emergency power outages in offices and businesses and in industries like; Mining, Sporting, Events (fairs, weddings, cookouts), construction, agricultural sectors and many more.

Types of generators

The three main types of generators are; inverter generator, portable generator and a standby generator. The portable generator uses a combustion engine and uses a governor for engine spread control. It is best used for refrigerators, nail guns, spray guns and systems.

The inverter runs on high technology magnets and presents more energy saving potion due to its ability to adjust engine speed according to the power requirements. It is best in laptops and car generators. The standby generators operate automatically and it is utilized safety systems like fire protection, elevators, life support equipment and standby lighting.

Generator prices in Kenya

The prices differ depending on brand, outlet and type. There are so many outlets to get what you are looking for. Prices can range from Sh 20,000 to Sh 4000,000. It is necessary to do your homework while considering your preferences and needs in the purchase of a generator.

Quick tips in reference to generator prices in Kenya

Your budget

What is your budget? It is fundamental question that should also act in making an informed decision while purchasing a generator. A small budget should however not lead to the compromise on quality.

The maintenance

Generator prices do not just end at the point of purchase but also the extent to how much it would cost you maintain that generator. It is necessary to ensure that you get a generator that is easy and cheap to maintain.

The brands

There are various brands some with a higher rating than others. People have different preferences and often rely on what has worked before for others. Go for a brand that has proven its reliability over the years.

The type of generator

What do you need the generator for? It is important to acknowledge that generators serve different purposes as discussed above. A standby generator will not be of the same prices as an inverter generator due to their varied uses. Generator prices in Kenya are determined by the type of generator you require.

The size of generator

A small generator will most definitely go for a lower price compared to the large sized generators.

As discussed above generator prices in Kenya are determined by various factors. It is important to do your research well and get the best generator to serve your needs. For more information, visit

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