The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Moving Wash Lights for Your Event

Moving wash lights have become very popular in recent years due to their versatility in transforming any event space into an engaging visual experience. However, choosing the right moving wash light is crucial to creating the desired atmosphere and making sure that the event space is adequately illuminated. Read on to learn about the factors to consider to determine their quantity for the event, key considerations when choosing a moving wash light, and more.

Factors to Consider When Determining the Number of Moving Wash Lights

Several factors must be taken into consideration when determining the number of moving wash lights suitable for an event. Key considerations include the following:

1. Venue Size

The size of the venue is an essential factor to consider. A larger venue will require a higher number of moving wash light equipment to ensure that the entire space is adequately illuminated. For example, a small conference room may only need a few moving wash lights. A large concert hall, on the other hand, may require dozens of moving wash light solutions.

2. Key Focus Areas

Key focus areas of the event space may include the stage, dance floor, or specific décor elements. By identifying these areas, you can determine the number of moving wash light products required so that they are fully illuminated.

3. Angle and Coverage

The angle of a moving wash light determines the width of the beam. On the other hand, the coverage determines the area that it can illuminate. Both are important considerations. For decorating to a large extent, choosing moving wash lights with a broader beam angle will allow you to reduce their installation quantity. For illuminating a specific location, a few moving wash lights with a narrower beam angle will get the job done.

4. Event Type

The type of event is also an essential factor to consider when determining the number of moving wash lights required. For instance, a corporate event may require a relatively minor number of moving wash lights to ensure a more subtle lighting design, while a live performance may need a large number of these lights to create a more dynamic atmosphere.

How to Choose the Appropriate Moving Wash Lights

Choosing the right moving wash lights requires many considerations. One key consideration is the event type. The following are some everyday events and the kind of moving wash light appropriate for them:

1. Corporate Events

For corporate events, a more subtle lighting design is typically required. So, moving wash lights with a lower lumen output and a more neutral color temperature may be a good choice for these events.

2. Live Performances

Live performances usually require a more dynamic lighting design. Moving wash lights with a higher lumen output and a more comprehensive range of colors/effects may be more suitable for these events.

3. Night Show

For night shows, LED moving wash lights with a high lumen output and a wide variety of effects and colors are suitable.

4. Outdoor Events

Outdoor events typically require robust lighting systems. So, moving wash lights with a high IP rating is recommended for them. These events also benefit from a variety of bright colors and effects, so be sure to choose a moving wash light that features multiple color mixing modes, high brightness, and vibrant impact.

Moving Wash Lights Recommendation

Choosing the right moving wash light is crucial to creating a memorable event and ensuring its success. By considering the above-listed factors, you can make an informed decision regarding the number and type of moving wash lights for your event. In this category, the seasoned brand Light Sky offers many products. One of its top-selling offerings is the PEARL WASH. This multifunction moving head wash has several key characteristics, including:

  • 40W RGBL high brightness light source (12pcs)
  • 4-in-1 LED design that produces a colorful, bright beam
  • Long lifespan (up to 30,000 hours)
  • RGBL color mixing mode with a wide temperature range (2200K-8000K)
  • Multiple beam and wash functions, suitable for a variety of applications
  • Smooth dimming
  • Fast and accurate positioning and moving speed
  • Group control feature with 7-55° linear zoom capability

Visit Light Sky’s official website to learn more about PEARL WASH and explore their other popular offerings.

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