The Use of Different ore extractions from Stardew Valley

Today in Stardew Valley, we will discuss sprinklers, who are one of the biggest helpers for farms to have a large farm. On each of the sprinklers, we will go to the deep dive. OK, so in Stardew valley, three sprinklers are present; each sprinkler acts the same way, but the area it covers on your farm is only one standard sprinkler, the quality sprinkler, and the iron sprinkler.

Sprinkler Regular Stardew Valley: Regular

Okay, so we’ve got the standard sprinkler first off. It is opened in level two (2) of the farm and can be manufactured with one bar of copper and one bar of iron. Bars can now be melted with five pieces of each ore in the furnace.

Ore of Copper

The lowest levels of the mine can be located. When you come into it, you will begin to find copper, or you can buy them for 75 gold for the first year at the blacksmith.

It takes roughly 30 minutes for every bar to toss into the furnace. And it would cost you about 375 to make a bar if you were buying every single mineral.

Iron Ore

It can be discovered in 40 to 80 mine all around the floors. You can also buy this for 150 gold from the blacksmith. So, it takes around two hours for every bar to smell. And if you’d buy all the minerals from Cliff’s blacksmith, you’d cost 750 gold a bar. Thus, the entire cost of smelting all would essentially be approximately 1,125 gold and two hours and 30 minutes for each sprinkler.

The next sprinkler is quality from stardew valley sprinkler, but at level six, it is unlocked, farming, and it is possible to make a gold bar of iron and refined quartz.

Oriole can be discovered, as I have mentioned, typically about 40 to 80, or in year one, it takes two hours to smelt, from the blacksmith, for 150. However, if you will buy all or it will cost approximately 750.

Ore of Gold

Gold minerals are now much harder; they are at the highest mining levels. So much floor 80 and above, or you can buy 400 gold every year (1). So it will take five hours in the game if you try to create a bar by just buying it.


The last component now is refined quartz that must also be smelt in the oven. It takes around an hour and 30 minutes of game time to utilize ordinary quartz. Now, if the mines are difficult to discover quartz, which is quite normal, you can practically recycle glass or damaged CDs throughout. And then you’re going to obtain quartz that way and smelted.

Therefore, for every sprinkler, the overall cost is around 2750 gold, and everything takes approximately 8 hours 30 minutes in the game. Suppose you’ve got the money now. You can also go to the cart, and it will be available randomly. This turns around, so it won’t constantly be around every timeā€”the price swings from 1300 to approximately 2300.

The last sprinkler now is the sprinkler Iridium, and it is unlocked at level nine (9) with an iron bar, an iron bar, and a battery pack. Again, bars with five ore have to be smelted.

Ore of Gold

I’ve already talked about gold, or you can buy it for 400 gold, so you’re just five hours in the game to smelt, and you’ll have to pay roughly 2000! If you buy each one, I’ve gone through it all.

Ore of Iridium

Now it’s hard to get Iridium Ore to work. These can be found in geodes, if you are lucky, the Omni Geodes or at the bottom level of the skull cavern; as soon as you go deep, you will begin each time to acquire an Iridium.

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