Thermal Imaging Camera Know its Mechanisms, Uses, and Features

Thermal cameras are attracting attention recently as a countermeasure against infectious diseases. Nonetheless, you may not be aware there are many other essential applications for these instruments. If you would like to know about thermal imaging cameras, read this article to learn what other applications there are for these intriguing devices. This report will briefly introduce the purpose, mechanisms, and features of thermal infrared technology.

What is a thermal imaging camera?

A thermal imaging camera detects and analyzes infrared rays emitted by an object as energy known to us as heat.

In short, a thermal camera is a camera that visualizes that heat and displays it on a monitor in an array of colors.

What is infrared thermography?

Thermography is a reading performed by the camera’s sensor when it detects, analyses, and interprets the infrared rays emitted by an object. It then analyzes and distributes it as a heat map in the form of colorful images.

How does the Thermal Imaging Camera Works?

A thermal imaging camera’s sensor measures the radiation and not the temperature discharged by an object. It makes the reading easily visually understood when the temperature distribution is displayed in color according to the intensity of the measured infrared rays.

Uses of Thermal Imaging Camera:

Since the thermal imaging camera is non-contact and can detect the body surface temperature within the range captured by the camera, you can use it in a wide range of places such as airports and harbors. It is used for detecting fever, and it can be used in the dark, contributing to border measures and security.

Termite inspections with a thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging cameras became the must-have tool in termite inspection and the pest control industry. Thermal imaging cameras are crucial in finding termites hidden in structural wooden frames behind drywall

Termites produce heat that infrared rays can quickly detect, primarily when termites are present in areas inaccessible to a visual inspection.

Automated monitoring of factories and electrical facilities:

Thermal detection by thermography monitors machines in factories and electrical facilities. By detecting abnormal heat generation, it is possible to foresee the danger of failure or fire quickly.

In addition to these, thermal cameras are used for research purposes, gas leak detection, surveillance, rescue, and the military.

Border security, maritime surveillance:

The night-vision and long-range surveillance capabilities of thermal imaging cameras are suitable for border security and maritime surveillance.

Since its use is possible even in an environment with poor visibility, such as fog or rain, the thermal camera can quickly detect intruders and smugglers in bad weather and at night.

What are the Features of a thermal imaging camera?

A thermal imaging camera measures the surface temperature without direct contact. It can measure the temperature of an object from a distance in a non-contact manner. A thermal imaging camera detects heat differently from a contact-type thermometer that measures temperature by direct touch.

Thermal imaging cameras can operate in the dark because it detects nonvisible infrared waves. In addition, the thermography map projected by the thermal camera can present the temperature changes of the object can display it as an image in real-time.

In summary

Everything on earth emits invisible electromagnetic waves called infrared rays. The higher the temperature, the stronger the infrared rays, and the lower the temperature, the weaker the infrared rays.

The possibilities for thermal camera use are without limits. These days thermal imaging cameras are used in rescue missions, firefighting, building, and termite inspections. As a measure against infectious diseases, it can detect abnormal body temperature automatically without human contact.

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