Things to Consider When Selecting the Perfect Blog Post Image

Choosing the right images for blog posts can be difficult. Choosing the right image for a blog post is important because it will help you tell the story and draw in your readers. The quality of the image will also help you with SEO. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect Quick and free image editing tools for your blog.

Have permission?

Since it’s arguably the most crucial factor to take into account when choosing an image, let’s get this one out of the way first. Are you even permitted to employ it? That’s correct; not all online photographs are free to use, and breaking image copyright laws may cost you and your business a lot of money.

This page will be an excellent introduction if you have no idea what photos you can and cannot use (or how to attribute them). You can use photos with a Creative Commons license for free if you correctly identify them (but first, read this). You can also acquire and use photographs for free using services that offer free stock photos. In reality, just made some of its stock photographs available for free, though there is a cost. Just remember that “free” doesn’t always imply the greatest or best option.

Is it interesting?

Being pertinent is not sufficient. Additionally, the image you select should be engaging. To put it another way, it should be attention-grabbing, intriguing, and appealing. Keep in mind that when people share links to your content on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, the first image in your blog post is frequently what gets clicked. Depending on your blogging software, it might also be retrieved through your blog subscribers’ emails. The point is that the main image of your piece frequently serves as the reader’s introduction to it. You risk missing out on important click throughs if the one you select is dull and uninteresting.

Is it of a high caliber?

Does the photograph have excellent quality—this may go without saying—? How does the solution look? Is it in pixels? Then perhaps you might extend your search. Although the image may have the potential to be extraordinary, it loses all credibility if it is of poor quality.

Is the size appropriate?

Remember that there’s a thin line separating photographs with pixelation from those with an excessively high resolution. The latter option will result in lengthy rendering times for your picture files, increasing the post’s overall page load time. And since 40% of website visitors, according to Akamai, will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load, you don’t want to increase your page load time with large photos.

In addition to the photos on the website, other factors affect how quickly the page loads, but as a benchmark, strive to keep your image sizes under 100KB. Use a photo editing program like Photoshop to resize your images if they are any more extensive. (Note: Your computer could already have a free photo-editing program installed, such as Microsoft Office or Preview for Macs.) Remember that resizing images in your blogging platform’s HTML editor won’t work because doing so modifies how the image looks on the front end, not its actual size. Instead, resize the image using an external photo editing program, then publish it to your article.

Does it support all screen sizes?

You know that there are other screens to consider nowadays than the desktop. You must ensure that the images you choose are optimized for all screen sizes, given the extensive use of smartphones, tablets, and everything in between. This implies that if you decide to include text in your photographs, you must think about how that text would appear on a smartphone. Will it need them to squint to read it? How about the screenshot you choose to use as your header picture? Will it be so insignificant on phones and tablets that the reader won’t know what they’re even looking at? It would help if you kept all of these in mind.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about the importance of picking the perfect Stock filters and effects for your blog posts. To help you create individual posts, we have come up with some tips for choosing excellent photos. Remember that to be successful. You need the perfect image for your blog posts!

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