Things to Develop Your Masculine Power

As we can see, having both male and feminine energy is beneficial and necessary. However, a guy with a strong masculine core who operates mostly from his wounded masculinity or his feminine side is less fully embodying the divine masculine spirit. Every man desires the kind of woman who is seductive and delectably feminine, and this exact essence attracts her. The kind of lady we merely want to adore, cherish, care for, safeguard, and consume. This is why it’s so crucial to establish masculine power. If you put effort into developing your healthy masculinity, you’ll unavoidably display more characteristics associated with a man.

This will enhance your attractiveness and make you irresistible to ladies. It will make it easier for you to find love if you’re single. If you and your woman are already together, it will make you two more polar opposites. Things between the sheets will sizzle when there is greater polarity. You will have soul-shaking sex that is better and more electrifying than you have ever experienced before.

Sounds like a worthwhile endeavor, no? If so, continue reading for our eight suggestions for increasing your manly energy and attracting women.

1. The divine masculine meditation, a form of stillness practice

Meditation and other stillness exercises help us get in touch with our genuine selves. Meditation may broaden our consciousness, link us with our manly nature, and help us connect to the eternal aspect of ourselves. Due to a lack of cognitive awareness, we frequently stray from our essence. Meditation is the most effective activity for adding a little more consciousness to our daily life.

Meditation and other stillness techniques go beyond simply enhancing our inherent masculinity. The advantages spread out and touch every aspect of life. Make meditation your one self-care activity today.

2. Masculine poses in yoga

Build more masculine energy by doing yoga asanas that target the higher chakras, such as vishuddha, ajna, and sahasrara. These asanas will help you develop a connection with the traits and characteristics connected to the relevant chakras. This will increase your consciousness and self-awareness.

3. Recharge your male vitality by going into the man cave

The people around us, especially our spouses, have such a powerful influence over us. If we do not take steps to safeguard our space and spend time alone, it is quite possible to blend and start taking on their qualities. We advise every man who wants to strengthen his manhood to spend some time each day alone in his man cave because of this. Please note that while I absolutely favor the idea of separate bedrooms, it is not a need.

4. Interact with males in public

We’ve seen that strong males prefer to hang out with other men, as one example. Men who are feminine like to associate with females. No brilliance is required to understand what is happening in this situation. As we previously mentioned, the company we keep has a big impact on how we think. Men who associate with women tend to resemble them more, and the reverse is also true.

5. Boost testosterone to boost the vigor of men

By controlling our own behavior and the autonomic nerve system, we can increase our own amounts of testosterone. The quantity of sex hormones in our body is affected by this. Reduced testosterone results in reduced manly energy. The inverse is also accurate. Male energy rises when testosterone levels rise.

6. Take the initiative!

Men with a strong sense of masculinity enjoy being in charge. Those with feminine energy enjoy being led. That’s how easy it is. The possibility of the opposite happening also needs to be mentioned. A woman with male energy prefers to take the reins, whereas a guy with feminine energy prefers to be led. The same is true for same-sex couples; one is always at the top and one is always at the bottom.

7. Make a coaching hire for guys.

We all require a little professional assistance from time to time. A men’s coach may frequently provide us with the inspiration, drive, and motivation we need to put life-improving plans into action. This investment can be made both financially and time-wise.

You can start to fully embody your genuine manly nature by working with a men’s coach on your masculinity. You will soon see an internal reflection of your confidence on the outer.

8. Join a men’s organization or brotherhood

You can become a member of the brotherhood if you lack the funds to hire a coach and find it genuinely challenging to make additional male buddies. Because of the internet, people may now communicate with one another regardless of where they are in the world. A fast google search should help you find a variety of brotherhoods and men’s groups that are active both offline and online.

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