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Things to do to get ROI on Instagram advertising

Instagram advertising is possibly one of the best ways to boost your engagement rates and increase your reach. But to maximize your profit, i.e., the return on investment, it is always best to go a little out of your way. It is the extra efforts that make a difference. And one of the most reliable tactics you can apply here is to buy Instagram followers from not just for temporary benefits but also long term growth. You may or may not be aware of the entire system of buying followers and how it helps. You may even have some concerns with respect to safety, security, and privacy.

But you should know that buying Instagram likes and followers is not a risk as such. In fact, most of the celebrities, high-end influencers, brands, and businesses have also bought Instagram followers at some point or the other. The reason? Higher ROI. So, even in the case of Instagram advertisements, this tactic is bound to work. To find out how that happens and why it is important, continue reading this guide.

First of all, what is Instagram advertising?

Before we start speaking about what you should do for higher ROI and how buying Instagram followers can help your growth, let’s address the fundamental subject.

So, to answer the question, Instagram advertising is nothing but a way of generating engagement on your profile by running paid ads on Instagram on a temporary basis. You can pick your best-performing and engaging posts from your profile and promote them on the platform. You can also curate a completely different post, particularly for the ad, such that you have complete control over the desired response. Instagram allows its users to promote their posts in the form of advertisements in exchange for money.

Now, since there is money involved, you need to think of the ROI. The goal is always to earn more than you spend. And your profit margin depends entirely on how you craft the ad and how well you promote it. Now, before we dive into the details of how you can maximize your return on investment, let’s quickly go through the procedure for using Instagram ads.

Here’s how you can post on an advertisement on Instagram:

The process is quite simple, and the results can be extremely profitable as long as you do things the right way.

To answer the question, all you need to do is pick out ‘the post’ from your profile that has earned the greatest amount of engagement. Under the post, you would find an option of promoting it at the bottom right corner. Click on it, and simply run it as an ad by entering a few details. However, make sure that your account is turned to business mode; otherwise, you may not see the option at all. Additionally, you would also have to make the payment transaction depending on the period of your ad.

There are generally four types of ads that you can have on Instagram:

  • Instagram story ads- These are restricted only to Instagram stories; and are generally used when there’s not much to talk about. It involves the most important bits of information, visuals, and graphics; and also an opportunity to link your website or direct the user to your profile.
  • Instagram post ads (image)- These are in the form of posts and can have one or many images of your choice. You can either promote one of the pre-existing posts; or curate a whole new ad post for this. You can have quite a detailed caption since it is a post, and adding relevant hashtags is key here.
  • Instagram post ads (video)- These are, again, the same as the type mentioned above. The only difference is that in this, your post would be in the form of a video. Even an image with moving graphics or other in-motion objects or text is considered a video ad only.
  • Carousel ad posts: This could be in the form of a video or image, and the highlight of this type of ad is that it can have a set of many posts so that the user can swipe through them. You can feature different products, their features or even include information about your brand.

This is just the basic gist of running ads on Instagram. There is a lot more to it; many details, many hacks, and many ways of establishing a solid ROI. Wish to know more? Read on.

Things to do for maximizing your ROI on Instagram advertisements:

Establish a budget

Before we get to the technical factors, let’s sort the foundation first. You need to decide how much money you want to spend on the ads; because only then can you think of the profit margins. You should also know that Instagram ads work on the principle of supply and demand. This means, if your target audience is the one that is in most demand at the time, you would be charged more. Similarly, depending on your type of ad post and the duration of it, the charges will keep differing. So it is always best to establish the budget well in advance so that you know how much to spend. And likewise, you can expect the results.

Identify your target audience.

You will get maximum results only when you clearly define your target audience because these are the people who are most likely to engage with your brand. You can do this by precisely logging the following information:

  • Location: The location plays a massive role in your target audience. For instance, if your small business ships only in a particular region, it makes the most sense to target people only from that region. Similarly, you can also consider where your product is in most demand to establish the right location.
  • Age: If your business is all about funky sneakers, then targeting the older crowd may not be the most beneficial thing to do. Always consider the tone of your posts and the type of product you are offering. Likewise, target the age that would be most interested in it.
  • Gender: It is pointless to publish ads of your business to men if your primary product is scrunchies or female hygiene products. You don’t want to waste your ad posts on people who are genuinely not affected by your product. This is why mentioning the business is also key to increasing your ROI.
  • Interests: The above-mentioned aspects are quite objective, but interests are more of a subject part. Keeping the interests of your target audience in mind and the system will fetch you potential customers who are already attracted by your product. You just need to bring it to their eyes.
  • History: The past history, in terms of internet usage or actions taken on Instagram, will also help you understand whom to target. If someone has already been looking for customized keychains and your business is all about the same thing, then an ad post can lead to a mutually benefiting relationship.

By keeping these points in mind, you need to establish your target audience and likewise register it in the system before you post the ad. In this way, your ad post will be seen by potential customers only and not other users who don’t need your product. This will make sure that you are not wasting money by promoting posts to people who won’t engage with your brand. And ultimately, your return on investment will increase.

Buy followers on Instagram

Yes, you read that right. Buying Instagram followers can prove to be an absolute gamechanger, majorly because you would be able to change the perspective of your users. An ad post would receive maximum engagement when you already have a well-established follower count. To be fair, this is quite a psychological game of marketing that has been working for many years now.

As you may know, when you post an Instagram ad, the existence of your brand is introduced to many people at a time. And as the visibility increases, more and more people will visit your Instagram profile and check out the other posts too. However, before they even scroll down to see what you have to say about your brand, they would come across the number of followers.

If you have a handful of followers, a prejudice is automatically formed in their minds, as they would start thinking that your business is not well established or reputable. However, if they see that your profile is being followed by many people, they will immediately start valuing you, your content, and your products. This creates a more optimistic approach as they start scrolling through your posts, and the user is more likely to make a purchase. The ultimate result is the expansion of your profit margins and a high return on investment.


All in all, buying Instagram followers can truly give you an upper edge and help your business grow like never before. We strongly recommend you get Instagram followers from majorly because they offer only real and active followers and ensure privacy protection, confidentiality, and quick deliveries, all at affordable rates.

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