Things To Know About VPSs For Users In India

Virtual Private Servers is not an everyday term for a common person. Most of us are aware of Virtual Private Networks, and many of us must have used them to unlock the restricted sites and get access to the global sites with ease.

No doubt that people get confused between VPN and VPS and consider them to be the same, but in reality, they are not. To eliminate the confusion, we are going to talk about virtual private servers and their features. Let’s get started.

What Are Virtual Private Servers?

Virtual private servers are part of a server that we use in our daily lives, but it is completely private for the user. It is part of a machine(server) designed to not let the general data enter into the private server of the user. VPSs have their software and resource allocation system. You can simply call it a server within a server.

Virtual Private Servers are a good way to have a private server and keep credential information and data safe. However, you can not trust any random company that provides virtual servers in India. Another important thing you should know about VPSs is VPS hosting. Let’s get to know about this in brief.

VPS Hosting

Being a client, you can buy a private server from a hosting company, and this is what VPS hosting means. The meaning of VPS hosting can easily be understood by the following categorization. It is divided into the following two types:

  1. Shared Hosting: In this, the user gets a shared server from a virtual server provider, in which all the other clients use that server with similar restrictions, and no one can access the other client’s server.
  2. Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting means buying a separate server for yourself and using it the way you wish to, without any restrictions.

Shared hosting is a good choice, but you can not expect the full privacy that you will get on a private server. To know more about virtual private servers and get one of your own, have a look at the below-mentioned features.

Key Features Of Virtual Private Server Hosting

There are a lot of hosting companies that provide Virtual Private Servers for India. But it is very essential to know the features that you should expect from a server hosting provider before buying any server.

  • Availability of OS Options

While buying a private server, you can choose an operating system of your own on your server. Make sure that the server provider has provided you with multiple options.

  • Technical Support

Technical support is another thing that every provider should provide. Recheck their policies and ask about how you can reach them in case of any issue with the server.

  • Full Control Over Your Server

A server owner gets full control over the server, which means that they can store any data they wish to, and surf anything they want.

  • Other Resources

People use private servers for their business. These service providers also provide services and resources to expand the server as the business grows.


I hope you found this article helpful and informative. As now you have sufficient knowledge of Virtual Private Servers, you can easily contact a provider to get it as per your needs.

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