Things you need to know about MDF

MDF is a short form of medium-density fiberboard. Many industries, offices, homes, and commercial institutes use this board because it is environmental- friendly and affordable. In this article, we are going to cover the pros, cons, and things to know before purchasing a medium-density fiberboard.

MDF is typically used for interior applications because it is known for its low moisture resistance. Thus, MDF is used in raw form and has a smooth polished surface. MDF is used in woodworking and home products. It looks good on decorative films such as melamine paper, vinyl sheets, or wood veneer.

This board is manufactured by adding wood fibers of different types to defibrator machine. Then these fibers are combined and bound with resin and wax to form solid sheets of different thicknesses that can be formed into boards. Because of its affordability, MDF is more preferred than natural wood.

MDF lacks toughness, but it is denser when compared to plywood. Because of this case, it is used in many buildings and home applications. You have to note that MDF can’t be used as a  finished material but can be used as such if it is laminated or covered by wood veneer.

This can make it mimic expensive woods such as mahogany, teak, and oak. Let us briefly discuss the uses of medium-density fiberboard


MDF is  the most preferred board for making cabinets. The cabinet, made of MDF, is covered with laminated wood veneer to make it resistant to water or moisture and make it durable. Interior products for home applications made of MDF include: kitchen cabinets, moldings, shelving units, doors, and sometimes floors can be made from MDF.

Used in soundproofing

MDF absorbs sound due to its grain structure, which is randomly scattered. This makes it block sound. It is therefore the preferred material for speaker boxes. is also applied to studio walls, offices, and apartment buildings.

Used in roofing

MDF is used in roof construction where it is placed on sloppy-lined roofs. It also provides shingle backing and other roofing materials.

Vapor repulsion

MDF can be used as a barrier to protect or insulate commercial buildings and homes from vapor or moisture. This is done or achieved by treating medium-density fiberboard with moisture-repellent products that make it durable. Mdf board is also used as a good thermal insulator, making it the best board for retaining heat, especially in regions that experience winter.

We have other applications of MDF, like using it as a fire resistor, applying it to ceilings, and making furniture. Now let us see the pros vs cons of medium-density fiberboard.


  1. It saves trees since it involves wood recycling.
  2. Different colors can be used on medium-density boards.
  3. It resists termites and insects.
  4. MDF has no defects such as cracks and knots.
  5. It is affordable and environmental-friendly.
  6. It is very appealing when it is laminated appropriately.
  7. It provides good thermal insulation and soundproofing.
  8. Because of its composition, it is best for machining.


  1. weaker than natural wood.
  2. It cracks when under stress.

iii. it doesn’t take nails and screws easily. You have to drill a hole.

  1. medium-density fiberboard dust can lead to breathing problems.


Medium-density fiberboard is a high-quality, low-cost alternative to real hardwood and engineered softwoods. Its applications are vast and useful. We have seen a few pros of medium-density fiberboard and its applications, but you also have to be aware of its cons.

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