Toledo personal injury lawsuit: Get the right lawyer

Following a personal injury, you may have many things to deal with, but your immediate focus should be your recovery. Cases involving medical malpractice, premise liability, car accidents, and product-defect damage are not rare in Ohio. Unfortunately, not many victims are aware of their legal options and fail to act on time. No matter the type of lawsuit you have, hiring a Toledo personal injury lawyer is essential, and we have a few pointers to find the right one.

Start with a list

If you are friends with people who have worked with injury lawyers, get names and references at the earliest. Remember that important evidence may disappear soon after the accident, and you need to have an attorney to protect your interests at the earliest. If references are not an option, check online. You can find easy listings on Google and other websites like Nolo and Avvo. You need to find local injury lawyers who are based in Toledo and are accessible.

Interview injury lawyers

As a client, you need to be sure that an injury lawyer would be able to take all significant steps to get you a fair settlement. Most law firms won’t charge a fee to review your case, and you can meet their lawyers and discuss the case in detail. You need to be blunt and direct with questions like –

  1. What’s your experience as an injury lawyer in such cases?
  2. What is your initial impression of my claim? What is my case worth?
  3. Would you work on the matter directly? If not, can I meet the attorney who will represent me?
  4. Have you ever been to court for personal injury lawsuits? If yes, what’s your success rate?
  5. What would be your advice to me at this point?
  6. What are the common reasons why my claim could be rejected by the insurance company?
  7. Can you take the case to court if needed?
  8. Will you negotiate with the insurance company for me?
  9. What support do you expect from me?
  10. How will you find evidence to bolster my case?

Discuss the expenses

Your injury lawyer’s fee is on a contingency basis, which means they can only ask for a payment when you win. As such, it is imperative that you know what you would eventually get for taking the claim ahead. There could be other expenses related to the case, which the lawyer should explain in advance.

Call an injury lawyer today for an appointment.  

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