Top 10 Highest-Paying Career Opportunities in Web3 & Blockchain Domain

In the early stages of the creation of cryptocurrencies, blockchain was initially considered to be nothing more than a simple basis for the decentralized currency network. However, as the subject was more researched and explored, experts started to become more conscious of the blockchain’s unrealized potential as a valuable tool.

The decentralized web, also known as Web3, is one of the emerging technologies that will turn the concept of people-powered internet into a reality. This paved the way for blockchain to be widely used outside of the cryptocurrency sector in many other businesses. As a result, the IT industry has a growing professional field called blockchain and Web3, including several other established industries, including hospitality, retail, healthcare, finance, and banking.

There are several blockchain-based jobs available in India that pay well for qualified blockchain experts and Web3 professionals. In addition, many individuals are looking for appropriate blockchain-based courses online to pursue a career in this emerging platform. Check out Blockchain Council’s website for the list of available blockchain and Web3-based certification courses.

Web3 Game Developer

Decentralized gaming, or Web3 gaming, removes all game-related decisions and asset ownership from a single central authority. Web3 gaming is a value-exchange gaming idea that enables players to trade and own unique NFTs, or in-game artefacts and things, using real money. It also offers self-sovereignty and decentralisation and is open source.

In India, the average yearly salary for a Web3 game developer with 0 to 2 years of experience is 801,938 ($11,000); for individuals with 6+ years of experience, the typical salary increases to $40,000 per year.

Blockchain Developer

A programmer who develops blockchain-based applications is known as a blockchain developer. A blockchain developer is in charge of creating the infrastructure, setting security guidelines, building software, and other tasks. The bare minimum requirements for a blockchain engineer are a bachelor’s degree and some prior programming language knowledge. Developers need to be knowledgeable in the architecture, use, cryptography, web development, etc., of a blockchain channel. Blockchain engineers have a prominent position in the organizational structure and receive excellent compensation for their expertise.

Blockchain Architect

The numerous parts of a blockchain ecosystem may be identified, created, and integrated by blockchain architects. A blockchain architect at the organization is in charge of several different duties. The potential blockchain architects should be knowledgeable about the most current technological advancements as they will need to engage with staff members from other departments, such as UX designers, IT specialists, and system administrators, on various project components. 

Web3, Metaverse, NFTs, and other rapidly evolving technologies are included in this, and thus the demand for Web3 professionals, metaverse experts, and NFT experts is on the surge. Blockchain architects should master the following technologies: Python, Node.js, CSS, HTML, and generic SQL, along with some experience in data science, cryptographic encryption, blockchain development, and DevOps. A blockchain architect earns an average salary of $114,803 a year, making it a standard career option.

Blockchain Engineer 

A blockchain engineer’s primary responsibility is to develop applications that satisfy a business’s technological requirements. A proficient blockchain engineer possesses excellent programming abilities and a solid grasp of the blockchain economy. Understanding of elements like supply and demand, incentives, etc., is included in this. The minimal requirement for this employment is a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Because they create apps that acquire a brand’s reputation in the marketplace, blockchain engineers are essential to a business’s success. The professional could be required to pay $70,859 yearly.

Crypto Managers

Managers of the cryptocurrency community interact and communicate with clients and the marketing team. Their key focus is to deliver data on online, social media, and other platform interactions. Deep knowledge of the project’s basics, particularly client issues, is required for these jobs. They perform the duties of network administrators by collecting and displaying engagement data. Small businesses might provide an ideal setting for a variety of blockchain career possibilities with good pay.

Blockchain Project Manager

A blockchain project manager facilitates communication between a corporate organization and blockchain professionals. The management should be clear about what the firm wants from a project and ensure that the opinions of those specialists are heard throughout the company. To achieve a better comprehension, the technical requests made by the blockchain team should be simplified before being explained to the corporate stakeholders. One must know project management methods and blockchain principles to succeed in the field. Since they serve as a bridge between two groups, they must also be skilled communicators. A blockchain project manager’s yearly salary is typical $106,175.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

Professionals in this field must adhere to the highest quality standards. They carry out a range of duties, including automation, dashboards, and manual testing. They should test each completed project in order to avoid mistakes and flaws. The expert should inform the appropriate department of any mistakes found in a written report. Quality engineers for blockchains must be knowledgeable about how the technology works. They should have quick thinking, analytical thinking, good communication skills, and problem-solving abilities. These professionals receive great salaries ranging from $108K to $117K each year.

Web3 Front-end and Back-end Developer 

Web3 front-end developers are entrusted with designing and building decentralized JavaScript apps that are user-friendly and appealing to the eye while collaborating closely with back-end programmers. In addition, they have the authority to choose architectural details and further shape the technology we employ. Web3 front-end developers are typically required to strategize continually and work with other team members to resolve complex problems with decentralized software.

The task of conceiving, creating, testing, and deploying features and products based on cutting-edge technology falls to Web3 back-end engineers. Additionally, they assist with customer service, product scope, and architectural solutions if considered required.

A web3 developer must have sufficient knowledge and familiarity with AWS/Lambda service and knowledge of Web3 or smart contracts utilizing Rust, Solidity, or other languages.

Web3 Founding Engineer  

Typical ownership of the creation and upkeep of interfaces that link smart contracts and the online experience falls to Web3’s founding engineers. However, in order to facilitate the process of producing, releasing, and exchanging financial instruments, they also develop smart contracts.

They must possess a strong foundation in Web3 technologies, expertise with current programming technologies like JavaScript, Truffle, and Solidity, and interest in crypto ventures and jobs (e.g., NFTs and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or DAOs).

Web3 SOA Engineer

Web3 SOA Engineer (Web3 Service-Oriented Architecture Engineer) in the field of Web3 are required to have substantial experience with, among other things, AWS SAM/CloudFormation, Lambda, RDS, SQS, and NoSQL Data Modeling. Additionally, it’s a significant advantage if they have knowledge of Web3, Postman, or other comparable technologies.

Additionally, Web3 SOA engineers need to be knowledgeable about concepts like web services, SOA, and API design in addition to having planned and developed sizable Web applications.


Blockchain has boundless potential in the current global environment. Therefore, it should be no surprise that India’s top-paid blockchain expert jobs tend to favor candidates who regularly upgrade their skill sets. Your capacity for critical thought, along with your knowledge of current industry trends, can make you stand out from the crowd.

If you are planning to pursue a career in any of the above-mentioned areas, then do check out Blockchain Council for the list of available certification programs. All the courses are extensively designed according to the current industry trends and are available at a pocket-friendly price. 

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