Top 10 Tips for Purchasing Bed Sheets

Getting back home tired and plopping right into bed, well, isn’t that the ultimate sense of satisfaction after a long day’s work? This is why clean, durable, and comfortable bed sheets are necessary.

However, are you sure of the bedsheet choices you made? Aside from comfort and durability, creative aspects also come into play. Choose the best bed sheet for your bedroom. Listed below are certain factors to consider before purchasing a bedsheet.

Ten tips for choosing the right bedsheet for your bedroom.

Follow the tips below to get the utmost comfort and rest while sleeping.

1. Weave type- 

Coming to the choice over weave typeit’s a matter of taste. Percale weave has a plain, matte weave. The calm and crisp finish suits overheated people while asleep. Sateen, on the other hand, has a smooth and lustrous finish. To get a better understanding of the material, touch the fabrics to check the feel before purchasing them.

2. Materials of choice-

Choosing the suitable fabric is essential. Some prefer light and soft options like bamboo or cotton-poplin. Breathable bamboo bedding often helps to cool during the summer and can keep you warm during winter.

The polyester blend is budget-friendly and wrinkle-friendly. However, it isn’t as cooling as cotton. A summer choice would be linen. Its natural cooling mechanism absorbs heat from the surface, keeping you cool.

3. Cotton type- 

Some types can be very soft and durable. Hence, they may be a costly option—for instance, Chino or Oxford cotton, the extra soft cotton is washed and combed with care.

Manufacturers have found shortcuts to growing it outside its natural habitat. Although the quality is low, the price remains the same. Hence choose cotton with caution.

4. Right, fit-

It’s all about the right fit for your mattress. There are single sheets, double sheets, king and queen-sized sheets available. Make sure to check the mattress size before purchasing a bedsheet. If you’re unsure, go ahead and measure using measuring tapes.

5. Prints or plain?

Once you’re through with the basics, let’s get to the creative part. Choose the sheet styles. Various options are available. Namely- pastel shades, geometric prints, floral prints, plain colors. Choose sheets based on your room décor.

6. Bedding coordination- 

Colour coordination is a favorite game of many. Why not try it out with your room? Try coordinating the blankets with the luxury Egyptian cotton sheets. The pillowcases can have a contrast or the same shade as the bedsheet. Pair with the bed or with the room’s color.

7. Sheets in season-

Some people love to change sheets with the season. Here’s your opportunity to look for sale options. In the mood for summer sheets? Look for breathable summer colors with a pastel tone.

8. Bedding accessories in trend-

Accessorize your bed for a more definite look. Try pairing with decorative pillows, duvet covers. Comforters and throws can be good choices as well. Get trendy, inexpensive pillow covers to pair with the sheets.

9. Care your sheets

Last but not least is taking care of the sheets. Wash your sheets routinely, twice a week. Make sure to wash and comb with care. Dry well and fold it to avoid wrinkling.

Use lukewarm water over high heat to elongate fabric life. Refrain from using fabric softeners, although they may provide a soft temporary texture, it could cause fabric damage.

10. Thread counting-

A higher thread count reportedly offers greater comfort. At times manufacturers may replace it with silicone softeners. Thereby compromising with the comfort after the first wash. Look for 100% cotton rather than 1000-thread count.

Chino, Oxford, or Poplin cotton are the best options. For better affordability one may opt for polyester or percale blend sheets.

Summing up!

Comfort and styling come hand-in-hand. Hence, choose the bed sheets that do justice to your taste and money. Look for high-quality sheets with no comfort compensation and keep the above tips in mind while purchasing. Buy yours today!

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