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Top 5 ways to use animated video to grow your brand

The power of video to attract a large number of people can’t be ignored. It’s one of the most engaging types of options available today. Moreover, it’s also very affordable to create one.

There are various ways in which you can easily use a video to boost up the growth of your small business. Any good animated video production company can help you with this, continue reading to see how you can use this service and see better results to grow your brand.

You can reach the mobile customers much better

The majority of internet users access the Internet from just their mobile devices. This is a very important fact because it shows that the traditional types of content are falling quickly by the wayside, and there’s no one who can do anything about that. People don’t have much time nowadays to read lengthy blog posts on their smartphones.

The best way to overcome this is to use video. A video can tell many things within just a few seconds. It’s the easiest way to deliver a lot of information within a very short space of time. In this way, you can appeal to a lot of people at once. Animated videos are attracting attention immensely because they are much easier to consume and also need very little time to enjoy.

Implanting the video on the landing page

Nowadays, a good number of small businesses will invest in online advertising. These online ads can lead to a landing page, where the customers can start to go through the funnel of the sales. Improving this landing page conversion rates can always be a major matter of your concern, but while using a video, this is much easier.

Studies have stated that a video placed properly on your landing page can increase the rate of conversion by 80%. This is because the video is engaging, and many people feel the need to watch it. What you need to remember is that this video shouldn’t be played automatically.

Make the video to be interactive

Another important point in the growth of any business is to just engage it with your valuable customers. There’s nothing worse than storing a huge list of the email addresses on your newsletter and none of them give any responses to you. A much better way to increase the level of engagement is to make your video an interactive product. In this case, many animated video production companies can help you.

Show the product in action

It’s not very easy to imagine how a product can come in handy when one has only three or four stock photos on his screen. A video can easily provide people with some special insight into what the product can actually do and how it needs to be used. This will save some of your time and a lot of unnecessary customer service.

Showing the product in action is not a difficult task. Just add it with a catchy story to make it more interesting and spread it around as an important part of your next branded campaign.

Give small teasers to grow anticipation

All businesses will see a period where they may have a long gap between the releases. This is okay as it only happens sometimes. The big problem you may have is running into a situation where the customers are no longer giving responses to you. They’ve forgotten about who you are and what you’re actually offering.

A short teaser video can always help you to keep them amped up about your latest product. It doesn’t need to be a long video. It can be very short, having a life of a few seconds. These teasers can help people to remember you again and protect your products from getting stale.


The animated videos are a better way of encouraging and attracting people to get interested in your company and get good sales, and in this, any good animated video production company can help you a lot.

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