Top Places You Can Sell Textbooks in 2021

Selling your textbooks is usually an intelligent financial decision since it can help you save money, buy new books, and even declutter your home. 

We’re all aware of how college tuition costs have outpaced inflation. However, from the 1970s, the cost of textbooks has increased by over 800%. So if you get the chance to get a fair amount of the money spent on books back, it’s wise to take it. 

This guide will show you the best places to sell your textbooks. If you plan to get regularly used books, these sites can help you start your side business. 

Let’s begin. 

Best Places To Sell Your Textbooks Online 

There are so many different websites to sell used or old books online. Go through these lists and choose the ones that best fit you. 

1. BookScouter 

BookScouter is one of the best aggregate sites out there. All you have to do is type in your book’s ISBN. Then, you get different prices from over 30 other buyback websites instead of getting a fixed price. 

If you want to see what your options are before you sell, BookScouter is the right platform to do so. Of course, you might not get offers from all the 30 sites depending on your textbook’s popularity. But it’s a good starting point. 

2. Decluttr 

Decluttr makes it easy to sell your textbooks. First, you’ll have to download the app and use its scanner to scan your book’s barcode. Then, you wait for the price. Finally, if you accept the price, you print out a prepaid mailing label. 

When Decluttr gets your package, you get paid. However, if the items are not in good condition as you described them, you may get less pay. Sometimes, your books can be rejected, so it’s ideal for packaging your textbooks well. 

3. provides a fast, stress-free, and transparent way of selling your textbooks online. They’ve been in the bookselling business for more than 20 years, ensuring a smooth selling process. 

With BookDeal, all you do is visit the site, type in your book’s ISBN, and choose your preferred quote. Then, you ship your textbooks for free. When the company receives your package, you get paid through Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle. offers one of the fastest and transparent ways of selling your books online. The company also has a unique feature that guarantees that you get paid.  

4. Bookbyte 

Bookbyte works the same way as other bookselling sites where you sell your old textbooks online. Here’s what you do: enter your textbook’s ISBN, see the offer you get from Bookbyte, and accept or decline the quote. 

If you agree to the quote, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label. However, you must ship the textbooks within seven calendar days. If not, the offer becomes invalid. 

When Bookbyte gets your package, you get your payment through check or PayPal. 

5. Cash4Books 

Cash4Books functions like other bookselling sites we’ve discussed above. Here, customers input their textbook’s ISBN, get the offer, and print out a prepaid label. When the company receives your book, you get paid via check or Paypal. 

The website usually takes college textbooks so that you won’t get high school books. According to Cash4Books’ site, they take textbooks published in 2016 or later. So if you have different books, consider other sites on this list. 

6. BooksRun

With BooksRun, you enter your book’s ISBN on their site, choose the book’s condition, then check out. You get a print label to ship your textbooks. Another option is to download the iPhone or Android app to scan the textbook’s barcode. 

That’s way easier than typing the ISBN manually. When you ship your books, you get paid within four days after your textbooks have been processed. After that, you can choose to get your payment through check or PayPal.

7. BookFinder 

BookFinder aggregates numerous buyback options such as BooksRun, Amazon, and You can choose the site that offers the most cash, then click through to sell your textbooks. 

However, the site doesn’t seem to have numerous stores like BookScouter. So you have to check before you proceed with anything. 


We hope that this guide gives you the necessary information you need to sell your books. Also, if you’re planning on making bookselling your side business, these sites can help you immensely. 

Don’t forget to sell your books at the right time and keep your textbooks in good condition. These can significantly increase your price. 

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