Top Signs That You Are Addicted to Fentanyl

Opioids continue to attract the attention of many as the most viable treatment for moderate, severe, or chronic pain.  However, the constant abuse of these drugs has led to more harm than good. Among the most commonly misused and abused prescription opioids is fentanyl.  The drug plays a vital role in the treatment of moderate-to-severe pain symptoms in hospital settings. 

Nevertheless, fentanyl abuse can end up making your life a living hell since its effects last far too long than the high it provides. So how long does fentanyl stay in your system?  Well, how you choose to administer the drug determines the duration it will stay in your system. Things are not any different with the dosage as it impacts its life in your body. 

Either way, fentanyl addiction is dangerous and may increase the risk of overdose.  In this article, we will share three signs that show you may be addicted to fentanyl. 

  • Change in Behavior 

It doesn’t matter how long you abuse fentanyl or any other opioid as you’ll start noticing a change in your behavior since the drug is very potent. If at all you’ve been using fentanyl, even for a short period, and start noticing behavioral changes, then there is reason to panic. Some of the most noticeable changes in your behavior include mood swings, taking part in dangerous behavior, or extreme lethargy. 

Some individuals also neglect their health and wellness as they continue taking fentanyl.  Rather than taking care of their hygiene and basic needs, many spend their time abusing the drug. The more they continue using fentanyl, the more they forget about personal care. 

  • Dependence of Fentanyl 

Fentanyl happens to be so fast-acting with an intense highness explaining why most users are easily prone to dependence. As they continue using the drug, their bodies eventually develop a tolerance and require a higher dose to attain the same highness. No wonder overdosing on fentanyl is a clear indication of addiction. You should, however, remember overdosing on fentanyl can be dangerous. For this reason, you need to seek professional opioid addiction treatment within the shortest time possible. 

  • Withdrawal Symptoms

As your body becomes dependent on the drug, you will have to take more fentanyl to feel ‘normal.’ When you do not use the opioid, you may start experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  These symptoms come in the form of chills, yawning, irritability, weakness, high blood pressure, to name a few.  If you experience fentanyl withdrawal symptoms, then you are better off seeking the help of professionals. 

Remember, it is easy to detect fentanyl long after the high has worn off. That leaves one wondering how long does fentanyl stay in urine? It is possible to detect fentanyl in your urine up to 24 to 72 hours after the last dose.  Nevertheless, traces of fentanyl can still be detected in your body way after the lapse of 72 hours. 

In Conclusion

When battling fentanyl addiction, the best route you can follow is to seek professional help.  The good news is you can never run out of options when in dire need of treatment programs. It is then that you will overcome fentanyl addiction and live a fulfilling life in sobriety.

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