Travel Keepsakes & Mementos – Take a Piece of the Journey Home

Everyone loves bringing back a little piece of their adventures. But selecting the perfect keepsake can sometimes feel like only scratching the surface of what appears to be a complex puzzle. Let’s dive into diverse, meaningful, and unique travel keepsakes you can consider for your next trip.

The Gold Standard

Gold jewelry – it’s not just about looking pretty. When you purchase a piece overseas – or even items like gold coins –  it’s an investment in a future memory, like a bookmark in a novel about your journey. “Every time you wear it, it’s like reliving the day you bought it, the smell of the city, the food and the music. It’s timeless,” says Emily Hayes, a travel blogger. It may feel like it costs an arm and a leg, but remember, the memory that comes with it is priceless.

Picturesque Photos in Frames

While planning is important, playing it by ear sometimes pays off because sometimes the best photos are the spontaneous ones. Slap that magical moment in a unique local photo frame and bam! – you’ve immortalized a fleeting scene from your adventure.

A Pocket-sized Story

When you’ve been working too hard and feel like letting your hair down while traveling, postcards are an easy keepsake choice. They’ll bring back memories in a flash, even when it feels like you’ve missed the boat on getting more mementos.

Culture in a Cup: Coffee Beans

If you’re not a caffeine lover visiting different parts of the world, you’re probably thinking, ‘What’s coffee got to do with the price of eggs?’ But think again! Every country has a unique coffee flavor – and bringing back a bag of local beans for someone you love can transport them to that spot in a single cup.

Local Artwork, Local Heartwork

Local art may seem like a bed of roses at first, but it’s a tad more complicated than it looks, especially when you’re at a bustling market trying to pick your prize. But when you do bring that piece of art back, its intricate patterns or vibrant hues aren’t just decoration-they’re a doorway back to the place you’ve been and the people you’ve met.

There’s More Than What Meets the Eye

When it comes to buying keepsakes, you might feel like you’ve hit a wall on your search. When this happens, remember what Gideon King, a seasoned collector, advises, “Don’t make yourself bite the bullet if you don’t need to, there is another solution and it is trying to feel the place, understand the culture, and buy something that represents that.”

And at this point, the ball is in your court. So venture out, explore, and take a piece of your adventures home. After all, even if it seems that you made a right pig’s ear of it, there is still hope because some misadventures turn out to be the best memories.

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