Travel to Aruba (Caribbean Island) via the airport

Aruba, the small western ABC Island, located in the southern Caribbean. Aruba is the last member of the Lesser Antilles. It is located only about 25 kilometers from Venezuela and west of the island of Curaçao. Aruba is one of the overseas kingdoms belonging to the Netherlands, so it enjoys certain European rights, although it is an autonomous country, with its own constitution and government. Almost about 300 km² approx. of the island are flat. Characteristics are above all the long white sand beaches that surround the entire coast. The east coast stands out for its windy and lonely landscapes, with exotic rocks. The highest peak in Aruba is Jamanota, about 188 meters high, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the island and the Caribbean.

Aruba: places to visit

Oranjestad (the capital of Aruba) has about 30,000 inhabitants and is located in a strategic area because it is a bay where many cruise ships stop daily. Tourists are, along with oil exports, the island’s main generators of currency. Oranjestad is best known for its wonderful architecture, mainly influenced by that of the Netherlands and a Dutch-Caribbean charm, which has probably been around since colonial times. The most beautiful and important monuments in Oranjestad are Fort Zoutman, Willem III Tower and the port of Shooner, where cruise companies dock daily and where many companies also buy their merchandise duty free. Tourist Attractions: The most attractive places in Aruba are the beaches. Aruba’s unmistakable lush greenery is the island’s treasure.

Climate and best time to travel

Aruba is located out of the danger of hurricanes and therefore enjoys a wonderful climate all year round, due to the south-west trade winds that cool it in a pleasant way. The average temperature is about 28 ° C, a rainy season does not exist in the ABC Islands. The showers are relatively short and more abundant in October to December.  Click Here for Aruba Villas

Flights to Aruba

Connections: Direct flights to Aruba are offered, among others, by Lufthansa and KLM companies from Netherlands. Flight time from Europe takes about 9 hours. To the other two ABC islands, Curaçao and Bonaire, you can fly from Aruba with the Dutch Antilles Express airline to Queen Beatrix International Airport. The airport is located about 4 km southeast of the capital Oranjestad. If you want to know flight times check out here Aruba Airport arrivals.

The most convenient flights to Aruba for your vacations are waiting for you this winter. Don’t miss this opportunity for your travels and buy the cheapest flights to Aruba from Netherlands! This small island full of natural treasures, beautiful beaches and a friendly people, awaits you with open arms. You just have to find the tickets to Aruba that best suit your plans and in a few hours you can be enjoying everything this destination has to offer. Walk along the coast and sunbathe on the whitest sand in the Caribbean, do water sports and visit the best golf courses. You can even explore its caverns. Aruba has something for all travelers! 

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