Truly Riddikulus! Cards Against Muggles is here

Imagine, you are set for the perfect evening. You have your Potterhead friends coming over, there is a pile of Harry Potter DVD’s and a slab of Butterbeer in the fridge. But you feel something is missing? You need some adult hilarity that can complement your Hogwarts’ themed night. Well, you will be thrilled to hear, it has finally arrived – Cards Against Muggles. Probably, the two most important things in your social life have just collided. The extremely popular card game, Cards Against Humanity has had a Harry Potter makeover and is now available as Cards Against Muggles.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock (or have been a Prisoner of Azkaban) these last ten years, let me quickly explain the rules of the game. There are over 1300 ‘black and white cards’ which are for questions and answers. Each round of play one of the players will read out the ‘statement or question’ from one of the black cards. While the rest of the players will choose from their selection of white cards to find the funniest response. The game requires at least four people to play, though it can be considerably more. It takes about 90 minutes to complete or however long it takes to stop laughing. The cards come in the deluxe packaging that is very similar to the original and retails at $55.

But remember, though this is based on the set of magical children’s books this game is definitely not for kids! The risque (and gynecological) humor is strictly for over 18’s. To give you a taste of what to expect, here are a few examples of what the ‘black and white cards’ say: “The only thing you can say about Hufflepuffs is ____” “Everyone laughed when they found out Draco Malfoy’s patronus was _____” “Acceptable pets at Hogwarts include cats, owls and _____” “Then Bellatrix Lestrange cackled with glee and said, _____” “In today’s Charms lesson, I will teach you the spell for _____” “Ron’s broken wand” “Shitting out a Horcrux” “Putting smegma in the pumpkin juice” “Blowing Dumbledore whilst he’s speaking to the Minister of Magic”

As you can tell, Cards Against Muggles runs along the same lines as Cards Against Humanity. It’s a game that is packed with bawdy fun and filthy humor. This would leave Harry Potter speechless, Hermione running from the room red-faced and Ron grabbing his wand too tightly (and probably going blind in the process!). But it would definitely leave you and your fellow ‘Potterheads’ falling about in uproarious laughter. This is how you never imagined the world of ‘Harry Potter’ and the magical halls of Hogwarts. You will probably never view the books in the same way again! J K Rowling would only shake her head in disbelief at what has been written on these ‘black and white cards’.

So don’t delay, make sure to order your set of cards now and find out for yourselves how much fun this game really is.

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