Turmeric Powder Benefits for Weight Loss

Turmeric is used a lot in major parts of Asia like India and people have been using it for centuries. Those people believe that they are adding this spice into their food to make it tasty, but recent developments have proved that it has many health benefits.

Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also helps fight major health issues like cancer, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, and many more. To your utter surprise, today’s science is proving the fact about turmeric powder‘s benefits for weight loss.

In this blog, the weight loss quality of turmeric will be discussed. Turmeric helps deal with stomach issues, metabolic disorders, and obesity. However, it is not recommended to take a whole quantity of the spice for weight loss, but inclusion in the food will surely help in controlling obesity.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. There are many reasons for inflammation in our body, and obesity is one of them. That inflammation becomes the primary reason for many chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

There is proof beyond doubt that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, so it suppresses the same from different parts of the body like pancreatic and muscle cells.  There is a thorough study with that respect, and the same is published in the European Journal of Nutrition.

It stresses that the anti-inflammatory quality of turmeric controls obesity along with high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and other metabolic conditions.


In 2009, there was a study conducted on mice at the world-famous Tufts University. The researchers found that this spice works on suppressing the growth of the fat tissue. The study was done on mice, but the same was not conducted on humans but they had an inkling that it just might.

Along with including turmeric in your diet, it is also necessary to work on a calorie deficit. Make it a habit to do some physical exercise like running, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc. Also, have a proper diet that includes all the vital nutrients needed for boosting the health of your body.

Some important points on turmeric intake

  • It is difficult to consume only raw turmeric, so adding it into boiled veggies, stews, curries, etc will make it better.
  • It does not harm your body in any sense unless you are allergic to it. It is rare that someone is allergic to turmeric.
  • Taking it naturally is always better, but if you are planning to take it in as a supplement, consult your doctor before starting the consumption. Do not take it in high doses as it may create health issues like ulcers.
  • If you are diabetic you should take extra care in case of starting more consumption of turmeric. It reduces diabetes but it may also cause low blood sugar.

Final Word

Turmeric powder benefits for weight loss are good when taken in the right amount and right manner. The key to losing weight loss is simple. The number of calories consumed should be less than the number of calories burned. So if you consume 2500 calories today, try to burn more than that. Include turmeric in your diet and see the visible change in your weight and physical appearance.

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