Turn Your Backyard into a Magical Secret Garden 

Creating the perfect outdoor space is not an easy task. You need to plan, measure and also visualize your future project. Many people want to create a wonderful, magical space for themselves and their families but often end up with a simple backdoor recreational area. To create a magical secret garden, you need a magic touch. That’s why it is best to use the help of professional exterior remodeling contractors in your area who can help you out.

Planning and building the perfect garden is a challenge. If you find it hard to handle it yourself, you can rely on the recommended landscape design specialists by searching for exterior contractors near me. You can request a project and see any inspirational designs you might not have thought of. You will receive offers, among which you can choose the best one for you. You can also click here and check out Showcase Renovations’ designs. They offer solutions for all types of backyards. You can utilize your outdoor area and turn it into a magical secret garden with their help. If you want to learn more about how you can create your secret garden, keep reading this article. 

Seemingly random patterns and colors of geometric pavers provide visual diversity. The different containers of flowers can contrast or complement other elements of the landscape in the yard. Furniture can be built-in or arranged with a little more creativity and imagination. You can also use a piece of discarded granite on a wooden base. The well-kept flower garden and flower pots give the yard and seating a feeling of solitude. To enhance the natural look of the yard, leave a little space between the pavers and add gravel.

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Magical Secret Garden in the backyard

One of the key things you need to remember when creating a garden is choosing the right house plants. You need to arrange them in such a way that you can see a fairy tale world blooming in your backyard. Here are some ideas for creating a magical secret garden out of your simple outdoor space. 

Arches Turn the Backyard into a Garden 

Arches are a good option for creeping flowers, and they are easy to plant. When the flowers are old enough, they will form a tunnel that everyone will go through. To have this beautiful accent in your yard, you need to regularly prune the flowers and “guide” them on the structure. Many trailing and creeping plants have shoots with which they cling to the things around them. You need to give them the right direction.

Uneven Sloping Yard Solutions

If you have an uneven, sloping yard, the ideal solution is to create a terraced yard. Your garden can look like a wide staircase. The terraces allow you to have several levels of garden beds. Terracing a yard has many advantages that would save you money over time. The well-designed terraces have a slight slope so that the water drains into the nearby canals. Your house’s foundation won’t be near a constant stream of water which can damage it.

Garden Corners for Relaxation

To make your garden an even more pleasant and comfortable place, we advise you to create different garden corners for relaxation. 

You can also create a summer terrace near the entrance and colorful accents around it. Turn the rest of your yard into a well-managed lawn or build a swimming pool with a seating area and a winter garden near it. If you have to hide some element in the garden or want to hide your home from prying eyes, you can safely bet on bushes and trees planted on the border. You can design areas in the garden taking into account the number of family members, their interests, and lifestyle and visually distinguish them by using garden sculptures, walls, or hedges to separate one part of the garden from another. 

A gazebo, with roses on one end, a playground, an artificial pond, or a small river are ideal features to divide and separate various areas. 

 Garden Lighting

Once you decide what the design of your garden will be, it’s time to think about garden lighting, which is a crucial part of the garden layout.

Depending on whether the lamps have a purely practical or decorative function, carefully consider how you will use them. For example, to give a romantic atmosphere -use softer lighting over the pond or water feature. Lighting in the corners of the pool works wonders. 

Hanging garden lanterns are ideal for giving a festive atmosphere to a playground area, and large lanterns can be placed around the gazebo if you spend more time there. To save energy, use solar-powered solar lamps. 

As you can see, the large secret garden has many advantages, but keep in mind that creating such a magical outdoor space for your family is not easy. That’s why it is the best search: exterior remodel contracts near me. They will also give you the best self-sustainable solutions for maintaining such an outdoor space. 

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